Labour’s ouster of MP Jeremy Corbyn aims to crush criticism of Israel

Member of Parliament and former leader of the Labour Party (2015-2020), Jeremy Corbyn was ousted from his own party by its new leader, Keir Starmer, who has clearly allied with right-wing and neoliberal forces to destroy the socialist left in Britain and beyond.

While Workers World Party has disagreed with Corbyn on some of his political positions in the past, we recognize that he has been the target of a witch hunt meant to crush antiestablishment and anti-imperialist positions — particularly those that aim to hold Israel accountable for what has been called “incremental genocide” of the Palestinian population, whose homeland is the Holy Land.

Jeremy Corbyn has been a Member of Parliament since 1983, representing Islington North with consistent leftist, anti-imperialist and pro-working-class positions throughout his political career. His meteoric rise to the leadership of the Labour Party in 2015 in a 60% landslide victory against three other candidates shook up the establishment ruling class in Britain. The Sept. 12 Guardian newspaper described Corbyn as “one of the most left-wing, antiestablishment leaders in [Labour’s] history.”

Corbyn’s emphasis on protecting the working class, opposing the war industry and holding the powerful accountable for their crimes made him a target of right-wing and neoliberal forces that are loath to see empowerment of the masses. In particular, Corbyn became a target after he made a move to end arms sales to Israel, as a minimal measure of solidarity with Indigenous Palestinians who are fighting an existential struggle for their survival.

Workers World Party rejects the unfounded allegations of anti-Semitism against Corbyn. We have seen similar tactics used here in the United States against leaders who fight alongside the masses for the right to live dignified lives — including those who stand in solidarity with Indigenous Palestinians in their struggle for self determination.


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