Portland, Ore.: ‘U.S. mail not for sale’

Over 20 cars lined up to cheer postal workers during the afternoon shift change on May 8 at the Portland, Ore., United States Postal Service Processing and Distribution Center. Messages of solidarity were plastered over the cars and  Elvis Presley’s “Return to Sender” was playing.

Portland, Ore., car caravan shows solidarity with postal workers, May 8. Credit: WW Photo: Lyn Neeley

A manager from the center joined the rally, stating, “Letter carriers get to hear daily community support for our postal service, but for people out here at the P&DC, this is a very important show of support.”

Alyssa Pariah, a local radio show host, was part of the caravan. “I’m inspired that postal workers are fighting back and that community is behind them! The People’s Postal Service is dependable and secure,” she said.

Solidarity signs included “PPE, Testing and Hazard Pay for Essential Workers,” “Save Our Postal Service: NO Privatization!” and “Save the People’s Postal Service, Fund the USPS.”

— Report and photo by Lyn Neeley


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