Australia: The fire this time

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Tongues of fire licked the trees of New South Wales, a state in southeast Australia.  Like a beggar at a feast, red flowers of flame jumped across the nation, eating all in its path.

A living expression of what Aussies call, ‘Fire Season.” Honestly.  “Fire Season.”  

This, the time of Australian summer, is the hottest summer since records were kept. And fire season gives a whole new meaning to the passive term “Global Warming.”

How about “Global Burning”? In this fire season alone, over a billion animals — that’s billion — with a “B” — again a billion animals have lost their lives. 

This alone seems almost incomprehensible — a billion life forms gone — in a temporal blink of time.

Is this not a sign? A symbol of things to come?

Fire Season, the Season of Fire. Why not call it what it really is — Death Season, the Season of Death; when so-called “civilized society” causes an animal holocaust against life itself.

Australia is burning.

From imprisoned nation, 

this is Mumia Abu-Jamal

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