Bigot Trump’s real crimes

Let us count the crimes the current U.S. president has committed against the working class and all the oppressed masses.

His campaign vilified Mexicans and other Central American migrants and refugees, calling them gangsters and rapists. In office, he shut down legal asylum, jailing migrants and separating parents from children, and restricted entry for Muslims.

All his life, Trump wore his misogyny openly, boasting of groping women. In office he appointed misogynist judges to federal courts and even the Supreme Court.

Long before he ran for office, Donald Trump waged a racist campaign against the Central Park 5, Black and Latinx youths railroaded to jail on false accusations of raping a jogger, who were finally exonerated. In office, he railed against “s–​thole countries,” all of which were countries in Africa or inhabited by people of African descent.

Among other things, this president has insulted people with disabilities for their disability, has tried to bar trans people from the military, and with all the above has committed grave crimes against the working and oppressed masses.

Yet the charges that the Democratic Party and various ruling-class sectors have attempted to use against this president have been those most isolated from the working class and people facing oppression.

First, they investigated POTUS’s relations with the Russian president, attempting to link him with aiding Trump’s election. That failed.

Now the impeachment charges involve Trump’s attempt to use a U.S.-installed Ukrainian regime against Biden, one of the more likely Democratic candidates for president next year.

The first year of the Trump administration brought smiles to the faces of the ruling class as he cut taxes for the rich and the corporations and opened up new areas of the Earth to the wanton exploitation of natural resources. Now they are smiling less. Business is shaky, and the boast to “make [U.S.] America great again” has cost the U.S. strategically and economically.

Impeachment seems possible, perhaps also to Trump, who exploded against those Democrats attacking him. In his usual blatantly racist style, he called those Democrats heading the House investigation against him “savages,” singling out Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez and the rest of “the Squad,” plus Adam Schiff and Jerrold Nadler — four women of color and two Jewish men. The president also hinted that his impeachment might bring on a civil war.

These verbal crimes are worthy of a mass mobilization to get rid of the president. But what’s really needed is not a legal maneuver that replaces blatant Trump with subservient Mike Pence, but one that sweeps out the whole racist, bigoted, money-grubbing gang.

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