Laundry workers fight back

New York — The Laundry Workers Center organized a spirited demonstration on Aug. 5 in front of the Brooklyn home of the owners of Sunshine Laundromat. These bosses had fired workers who dared to fight back against wage theft and unsafe working conditions. For 15 years, the company refused to pay the workers minimum wage or overtime. 

This February, the workers initiated a struggle against these conditions and won the minimum wage and a safer work environment. Then, on June 15, the owners announced they were closing the laundromat and laying off the workers. However, the owners are not really closing the laundromat; they just gave it a different name. 

The activists were there to let the community know what these bosses have done to these workers and to force the owners to rehire the workers. Many people in the neighborhood expressed support. As with other campaigns, the Laundry Workers Center is confident that the workers will win.

 — Report and photo by Toni Arenstein


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