Pole of Communist Renaissance in France presents solidarity message for Mumia Abu-Jamal to U.S. Embassy

June 17 — The Pole of Communist Renaissance in France (PRCF) presented the following message last week in solidarity with U.S. political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal to the U.S. ambassador in Paris. Translation by John Catalinotto.

Mumia Abu-Jamal

Total solidarity with Mumia Abu-Jamal and with all anti-imperialist and anti-racist activists in the United States of America!

Known as the “Voice of the voiceless” in Philadelphia, a tireless advocate for the poor, workers and discriminated minorities, U.S. journalist Mumia Abu-Jamal has been imprisoned for decades by Pennsylvania’s racist “justice” system.

Unable to have him executed, the authorities sentenced Mumia to die in prison slowly without even providing him with the urgent medical care required by his state of health.

The PRCF national conference held in Paris on June 1 and 2, 2019, unanimously reaffirmed its humanitarian and political solidarity with Mumia and expressed its admiration for the steadfast example of firmness, internationalist solidarity, indomitable courage and unwavering love of life that [Mumia] gives to everyone in the depths of their penitentiary.

Unconditional freedom for Mumia, shame on the U.S. rulers who dare to use “human rights” to interfere in the affairs of other countries (Venezuela, Cuba, Iraq, Iran, Nicaragua, Syria, Afghanistan, Korean peninsula, etc.) while treating U.S. militants involved in the fight against imperialism in an inhuman way.

By unanimous agreement at the national conference on June 2, 2019, signed by Pierre Pranchère, Chairman of the International Commission; Aymeric Monville, Secretary; Daniel Antonini, Assistant Secretary; and joined by Georges Gastaud, National Secretary of the PRCF, and Fadi Kassem, Deputy National Secretary.

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