Next steps in defending Bolivarian Venezuela

This article is a slightly edited version of a message sent out by No War on Venezuela (

The threats against Bolivarian Venezuela by U.S. imperialism and their junior partners in the Lima Group and the European Union were definitively answered by a mobilization of people power in Venezuela and across the world on Feb. 23. The trojan horse “aid” never made it across the Venezuelan border. The number and wide diversity of united solidarity actions throughout the weekend had an impact on the course of events.

Actions were held on six continents, across Australia, the Philippines, India, Guinea-Bissau, Germany, Spain, England, Costa Rica, Barbados, Canada, and in upwards of 70 cities in the United States. There were 153 actions globally, united in the rallying cry: No U.S. war on Venezuela! (Reports and photos are available at

While this was an important victory, the struggle to defend Venezuela is far from over. On Feb. 25, the so-called Lima Group convened in Bogota, Colombia, where U.S. Vice President Mike Pence stood alongside right-wing puppet Juan Guaidó and promised a new round of devastating sanctions on  Venezuela and “even stronger” actions to attempt to overturn the Bolivarian Revolution.

To defend Venezuela, here are some next steps you can take:

In the event of military intervention in Venezuela, hit the streets, no business as usual! If the U.S. or its allies take military action against Venezuela, we must immediately step up the militancy and take our resistance to the streets. Grassroots acts of civil disobedience, student actions, strikes, shutdowns, sit-ins and blockades are being discussed. Help become a global voice to demand NO WAR! Make preparations in your city for emergency actions the day after any military action. Make plans now on times and places to gather in case military action occurs.

Gather signatures on President Nicolás Maduro’s “Open Letter to the People of the United States.” People in Venezuela and across the world are collecting signatures on this letter as an act of solidarity and resistance. Organize groups to sign in your community, using the formatted letter and signature sheet on the website. This is also a great opportunity to talk with people about the reality of the situation in Venezuela, using the fact sheets and other materials online at You can also sign and share the letter online.

Join the ‘No U.S. War on Venezuela’ contingent at March 16 and March 30 demonstrations in Washington, D.C. On March 16 and March 30, major demonstrations are planned to demand U.S. and NATO: “Hands Off Venezuela.” March with our contingent and join us on both days to deliver many thousands of signatures on the “Open Letter” to the White House. For more information on time and location, check

Efforts to broaden international solidarity are critical. Venezuelan President Maduro has sent a message of thanks to the solidarity demonstrations.  Filmmaker and musician Boots Riley denounced U.S. plans for intervention as he accepted an award at the Film Independent Spirit Awards.

If you have ideas or other activities for Venezuela you’d like help organizing or promoting, get in touch: [email protected].

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