Labor for Puerto Rico

Lawrence Reyes

Labor support for Puerto Rico was strong on Oct. 13 at the Union Hall of Service Employees Local 721. That night, the SEIU Latinx Caucus sponsored and chaired a meeting to build solidarity against U.S. colonial crimes in Puerto Rico.

Lawrence Reyes, a former Young Lord, now part of the Puerto Rican Alliance, spoke. Other speakers included members of Puerto Ricans in Action and the local Puerto Rico Tribunal committee. A video call was livestreamed from an organizer on the ground in Puerto Rico building for the International People’s Tribunal on U.S. Colonial Crimes in Puerto Rico in New York City on Oct. 27. There was also a performance by the Conga Poet, Julio Rodríguez, who will be part of the Los Angeles delegation to the Tribunal.

(WW photo: Reece Evans)

(WW photo: Reece Evans)

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