Solidarity with oilfields workers in Trinidad and Tobago

Oilfield workers.

The following statement was posted Jan. 3 on

The World Federation of Trade Unions, representing 92 million workers in 126 countries all over the world, expresses its class solidarity with the workers of Trinidad and Tobago State Petroleum Company, Petrotrin, who have decided to go on a strike, defending their right to a wage increase.

As the OWTU [Oilfields Workers’ Trade Union] representatives have pointed out, for the past six years, Petrotrin had offered zero-zero-zero, denying workers of any wage adjustments. Therefore, after 19 hours of negotiations, the employers’ side didn’t show any spirit of compromise. The Petrotrin workers risk life and limb, working in varying dangerous conditions, to guarantee a reliable supply of fuel to the travelling public; the Trinidad and Tobago people know better than anyone that the country’s economy is based on products made possible by the tireless efforts of these workers. That’s why we call upon the workers and the simple people of the country to stand by the Petrotrin workers, ignoring the employers’ appeals to not struggle.

We once more reiterate our support to the Petrotrin workers and to any form of struggle they decide to follow, underlining that all the wealth belongs to those who produce it.

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