’Let’s build toward the socialist revolution’

L.T. PHAM At Workers World Party National Conference Nov. 11-13

L.T. Pham

L.T. Pham

Following one of the most horrendous bourgeois election seasons we’ve witnessed, we need a revolutionary, socialist, Marxist-Leninist organization. But what exactly does this mean?

The key word is “revolutionary.” Building an organization requires us to be oriented toward abolishing capitalism and the state altogether, not to fight for a softer or kinder capitalism. We are demanding an organization that allows us to confront the fundamental contradictions of this system and get rid of them entirely.

Different organizations have different functions. If an organization’s purpose is to reform U.S. domestic policy around policing, the way it operates will be different from how an organization whose purpose is to abolish police altogether operates.

Because of this orientation, there are key elements that make a revolutionary socialist organization what it is. First, it is the vanguard of the movement. It is comprised of professional revolutionaries who have a heightened and advanced understanding of the conditions our class is facing when it comes to the crisis of capitalism.

Revolutionary socialist organizations are also capable of responding to the ever- ­changing conditions facing our class. Without adaptability we are unable to provide the kind of intervention that keeps people in the streets and builds consciousness toward socialist revolution.

The organization must be able to build the consciousness of the masses while also actively engaged in struggle: the Black Lives Matter movement, the Fight for $15, the struggle against LGBTQ and women’s oppression, Palestine solidarity, migrant justice and much more.

Our duty is to make our class better at fighting, motivating and pushing our class toward seeing itself as the only force that is capable of overthrowing capitalism. Part of this motivation is building revolutionary Marxist consciousness, of wrestling politically with members of our class who have reactionary ideas.

The other part of motivating our class toward seeing itself as a revolutionary force is being combat ready and militant, being willing to risk and put our bodies on the line, especially in dire times.

We are militant also in the transfer of our skills and building new leadership, particularly that of the most oppressed.

A revolutionary socialist organization builds itself to be ready to govern, ready to plan a society and economy that allows all people to flourish, to make meaningful contributions and to receive what they deserve in exchange.

A revolutionary socialist ­organization is a breathing organism, composed of people whom it attracts and recruits, composed of the leadership that it desires to come even after the revolution — mult­i­­national, multigender, disabled and abled bodied, queer and straight, young and old, and so forth, because a revolutionary socialist organization unites us all as a class that creates all wealth yet is estranged from the fruits of our labor; a class that the bourgeoisie must actively work to repress; a class that faces its own contradictions and challenges, yet is oppressed by nothing greater than the superexploitation by profiteers.

The people of the U.S. and the world have been at war for centuries with a ruling order that enslaves, entraps and murders Black, Indigenous and Brown people at home and abroad.

I am honored to be a part of Workers World Party, which applies Leninist organizational principles to the changing conditions facing our class with discipline and persistence.

We cannot let the Democrats, the Klan, neo-Nazis or the liberals build their organizations in this period. Or ever again.

The time is now for us to build our ranks, to fortify our leadership, to dig deeper in building with the masses. There are many people who no longer have any illusion that the system, as it is, functions to their benefit or livelihood.

Collectivism vs. individualism

Join an organization that pushes you to let go of your individualism and ego in service and recognition of the collective brilliance made possible by the people around us — who are still able to come together to consult, to collaborate, to disagree and still have a high level of ideological unity that our class so desperately needs.

Join an organization that understands that Black liberation is actually part and parcel of the class struggle. Our class cannot prevail if we don’t pay attention to the ways in which Black people are uniquely and intensely impacted by capitalism.

Join an organization that knows in fighting for a new world we must center on the most oppressed in the creation of a socialist society. This means that Black and Brown people, Indigenous people, women, people with disabilities and LGBTQ folks must be at the center of leadership starting now.

Join an organization that knows there is no such thing as a “white working class” — that knows there is only one working class and that is the global, multinational working class that we must remain rooted in. When we stray from this fundamental reality, we threaten our own ability to organize our class into solidarity, into a united front against the real enemies.

Join an organization that will stay in the streets with the masses; an organization that will always be on the side of the workers and the oppressed and defends our class unapologetically; an organization that knows our interests are diametrically opposed to that of the ruling class.

Join an organization because it will strengthen our ability to harness the energy, righteous rage and frustrations of this moment into revolutionary action. It will strengthen our ability to balance the spontaneity of a moment with a long-term program for the liberation of our class.

We cannot fight these battles alone, but there will be a lot of liberal rhetoric that will try to convince us to fight them alone. Love does not trump hate. Love does not trump racism. Love does not trump capitalism. Love does not trump the horrendous conditions we face everyday.

Although we now face a Trump presidency, I am not afraid for the battles to come. I do not have fear that I’m in the trenches alone because none of us are. We are organized. We recognize the state as a highly organized apparatus that must be met by the working class for whom revolutionary socialist organizations are tasked with unifying, strengthening and building.

I am not afraid because I am in an organization full of revolutionaries who fight every day against horrendous attacks, with unwavering faith in our class to defeat capitalism once and for all.

The movement to overthrow capitalism and white supremacy — our class struggle — needs you, and you need it.

Build a Workers World! Onwards to socialist revolution!

(WW photo: Brenda Ryan)

(WW photo: Brenda Ryan)

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