Moorehead campaigns in Michigan

vote4socialismMonica Moorehead, Workers World Party’s candidate for president, spoke to a packed hall at the Detroit WWP headquarters on Sept. 10.

Joe Mchahwar began the discussion by explaining how the war in Syria is the epicenter of today’s global class conflict. He reminded us that as imperialist world powers, led by the U.S., seek to overthrow the Assad government and dominate Syria, we must uphold the Syrian people’s right to self-determination without intervention from foreign governments holding only capitalist interests.

Abayomi Azikiwe honored the 45-year anniversary of the Attica prison uprising, recapping the past 60 years of African-American successes and struggles against the racist and sexist global capitalist system. He explained the significance of the 1971 murder in San Quentin Prison of Black Panther Field Marshal George Jackson and presented examples of Jackson’s insightful writings.

Moorehead concluded the discussion, explaining that whether Trump or Clinton wins in the November election, it will not be a win for the working class. A Trump or Clinton victory won’t make much of a difference because the ruling capitalist class and police state will continue functioning as they always have been. As long as the racist and sexist capitalist system is still at play, people of color, women and the LGBTQ community will remain oppressed and marginalized. She reminded us that the only way to dismantle the oppressive system is by awakening others to their own class consciousness and the power of solidarity with all oppressed peoples.

The day before, Moorehead and a group of Michigan supporters went to Lansing, the state capital, and submitted paperwork for Moorehead and her running mate, Lamont Lilly, to be official write-in candidates in Michigan. The application included a list of electors representing every congressional district in the state.

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