WWP’s Moorehead/Lilly campaign files for write-in status in Ohio

The Workers World Party 2016 team of Monica Moorehead and Lamont Lilly are now official presidential and vice presidential write-in candidates in Ohio. While not on the ballot, the state must now count and report the number of voters who write in the WWP candidates’ names on their ballots.

Many of the electors required to file with the state came from a meeting held during the week Cleveland was invaded by the Republican National Convention. Moorehead and Lilly spoke to an overflow crowd at the Black on Black Center. The candidates stressed that racism cannot be eliminated at the ballot box but rather in the streets. WWP uses the elections as a vehicle to reach as many people as possible in order to build a militant, mass movement to fight for a better world.

Barbara Louise, a longtime Cleveland feminist and LGBTQ activist, made clear why she wanted to be an elector for the WWP ticket: “We need a choice that’s not the lesser of two evils. We need candidates that do not support capitalism, as do the Democrats and Republicans.”
Getting on the ballot is a herculean task in the majority of states. By conducting a write-in campaign, WWP hopes to raise working-class consciousness while giving total support to the Black Lives Matter movement. As stated by Karl Marx in 1848 and updated by V.I. Lenin after the Russian Revolution in 1917: “Workers and oppressed peoples of the world unite. We have nothing to lose but our chains!”

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