Haitians challenge Clinton

Komokoda (the Committee to Mobilize Against Dictatorship in Haiti) protested in Philadelphia on July 26 against the ruinous role played in Haiti by former President Bill Clinton, Democratic Party presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and their family foundation.

Komokoda, a group in the Haitian community that has actively protested the Clintons for years, marched in the Shut Down the DNC protests. The group released a statement, saying: “We will not be counted among those frightened by bigot Trump into silence or into supporting the career criminal Clintons.”

The group leafleted the protest with this statement, which continued: “For those pushing the line that Hillary is the ‘lesser evil,’ we tell them that loudmouth Trump has yet to enact policies which have killed our people in Haiti, Honduras, Palestine, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan; which have jailed millions of our black and brown brothers and sisters; which have defunded schools and community building programs to build prisons and turn police departments into military forces.”

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