Mumia red alert!

mumia_0331Stalwart Mumia Abu-Jamal supporters have again issued red alerts during the week of March 13 in the form of e-blasts to constituents urging them to call, fax or email messages demanding that Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf, Department of Corrections Secretary John Wetzel and Mahanoy Superintendent Theresa DelBalso stop the state’s deliberate foot-dragging and begin treating the world-famous political prisoner.

Mumia has a life-threatening hepatitis-C condition and needs a type of medication proven to have a 99 percent success rate. Deliberate delay continues to severely endanger this heroic freedom fighter’s life.

Recent visits by movement leaders Pam Africa, Suzanne Ross and Johanna Fernandez of the International Concerned Family and Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal, the Free Mumia Coalition and the Campaign to Bring Mumia Home, respectively, confirmed that his life-threatening condition has continued since its discovery last year. In fact, Mumia’s physical condition continues to dangerously decline daily.

This is totally unacceptable! The MOVE Organization and Educators for Mumia have also mobilized and taken action. They sent out the following appeal:

“We strenuously urge all people of goodwill to support the following demands:

“1. Immediate provision to treat Mumia with the well-known and effective anti-viral medication. Liver damage, extreme weight gain and discomforting skin discoloration continues

“2. Immediate release of all recent blood test results to Mumia’s attorneys

“3. Vigilant monitoring of Mumia for signs of diabetes — especially his blood sugar, since an attack nearly killed him in the spring of 2015!

“Call, fax or email the following persons:

“Pa. Gov. Tom Wolf, phone 717-787-2500, fax 717-772- 8284, email [email protected].

“Pa. DOC Secretary John Wetzel, phone 717-728-2573, email [email protected].

“Mahanoy Prison Superintendent Theresa DelBalso, phone 570-773-2158 (expect sandbagging from personal secretary).

“Keep the pressure on to treat Mumia and ultimately free him!”

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