Messages to build a workers’ world

Following are brief excerpts from some of the messages with greetings of solidarity and proletarian internationalism from around the world and the U.S.

KOREA: Workers Party of the DPRK

The Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea warmly congratulates you on the National Conference of the Workers World Party of the United States and, through the Conference, extends warm comradely greetings to the National Committee and all members of your Party.

We are convinced that the current National Conference will serve as a meaningful occasion in your Party’s struggle to expand and strengthen its rank and file, safeguard the rights of the working class and other oppressed people and disrupt and destroy the intervention and aggression of the imperialists.

Believing that the relations between our two Parties will continue to develop and strengthen in the future, too, we take this opportunity to sincerely wish your party great successes in its National Conference.

Central Committee
Workers’ Party of Korea

BANGLADESH: Socialist Party

Workers World Party is a revolutionary party working in the fortress of world capitalism-imperialism. People from all over the globe keep an eye on the development of the revolutionary struggle there. It is a great hope and pleasure for us to know that hundreds of revolutionary fighters and activists will be gathering on Nov. 7 and 8 in New York for a National Conference of Workers World Party.

As a fraternal party this conference will stimulate the development of our struggle here in Bangladesh and also the people engaged in heroic resistance against all reactionary forces all over the world.

With revolutionary greetings,

General Secretary, Central Committee
Socialist Party of Bangladesh-SPB

COLOMBIA: FARC Peace Delegation (video transcription)

The women and men guerrillas of the Peace Delegation salute with our hearts and our minds the conference of Workers World Party, which is a bulwark of the struggle within the United States to construct socialism, the only alternative for peace with social justice, dignity and sovereignty.

The crisis continues to strike at humanity. Those who have always appropriated resources and production remain insatiable. They care little about the planet, and their interests put that planet at risk. Neither do they worry about the fate of billions of human beings who live in misery as a product of their exploitation and the hundreds of millions who are dying from hunger and thirst. Each day they are fewer, and the concentration of wealth is greater.

Thus it is impossible to decrease the vast gap between them and the majority of people in poverty or those on the way to poverty. Only a revolutionary transformation of society can resolve this situation.

Despite all they tell us, the class struggle remains the locomotive of history. And our duty is to deepen it through educating, organizing and raising consciousness as the only road toward the goal of liberation. We leave no room for discouragement and despair. We instead raise the banner of dignity and we build the future that we deserve.

The revolution continues to be our goal as an organization. The peace that we aim to reach in Havana, Cuba, will allow us to continue working toward a final accord that will end the confrontation and we will advance toward that at the table of negotiations.

The people of the world are confronting a powerful enemy. Only the powerful bonds of our unity and our solidarity will allow us [to be] victorious.

From the peace negotiating team of the FARC in Havana, Cuba

PHILIPPINES: Communist Party of the Philippines

We extend a militant salute for your many achievements and perseverance in militant grassroots struggles among the workers, youth, women, minorities, prisoners, and veterans of various nationalities and gender in the United States, as well as your resounding national campaigns and principled alliances. In the international front, we appreciate your consistent stand and concrete efforts to support the struggles of oppressed peoples in the various parts of the world, for their right to self-determination and other democratic rights.

As a former direct colony and currently a semi-colony of U.S. imperialism, the Philippines and its people are resolutely carrying forward their struggle for national and social liberation from foreign and feudal rule imposed through an increasingly fascist state. Under the leadership of the Communist Party of the Philippines, the revolutionary forces of the Filipino people are now operating in 71 out of the 81 provinces of the country, with Red political power in the guerrilla fronts.

In the national urban center and smaller cities, a legal democratic movement of a united-front character with the working class at the core is fighting against imperialist, big-comprador and bureaucrat-capitalist impositions and for concrete socioeconomic and political gains of the people.

Our common struggle against imperialism and other forms of class oppression requires our organizations to build solidarity ties at various levels. May these links and cooperation grow stronger.

International Department

PALESTINE: Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine

We have always known of the Workers World Party as a revolutionary party struggling in the heart of imperialism for liberation, against war and exploitation, and for socialism. In particular, the Workers World Party has for many decades been a strong and committed friend, supporter and partner in … the Palestinian people’s struggle for national liberation and return.

Today in Palestine a new uprising, a new intifada, is burning in our streets. The Palestinian people and in particular our youth are rising up, refusing to accept genocide, ethnic cleansing, land confiscation, home demolitions and settler colonialism: the program of Zionism and its strategic partner, U.S. imperialism, for our people. This intifada is determined to sweep aside and defeat occupation, to confront Zionism and imperialism.

In Palestine, we confront the same enemy that the Black liberation movement confronts on the streets of U.S. cities. We confront the same enemy as workers rising up in the centers of imperialism and in the oppressed nations. Together, we are determined to fight our common enemies, to defeat Zionism and imperialism — and the racist capitalist system that drives them — and struggle for true justice, for liberation, for socialism.


PUERTO RICO: UTIER (an organizer of the upcoming general strike)

Puerto Rico, the smallest of the Greater Antilles in the Caribbean, is a victim of two evils that go together: colonialism and the capitalist economic model. As a people, we have suffered from the savage colonialism of the Spanish empire. Our heroes, led by Ramón Emeterio Betances, identified the path of social struggle for freedom. Already in 1868, we demanded the abolition of slavery to bring about the freedom of the country.

In the beginning of the 20th century, U.S. imperialism took the island as spoils of war, right up to the present. They criminalized our liberation movement led by Pedro Albizu Campos in the decades of 1930 to 1950. They repressed and divided the class-conscious labor movement that was in favor of independence and socialist ideals.

Today, the colony is laid bare. Its capitalist model, based on a tax haven for foreign corporations and on public and private debt, is in the process of collapsing. The class-conscious sectors of the labor movement and the political movement denounce to the world the failure of capitalism in Puerto Rico and in the world.

We cannot fail to include, in every space, our demand to release Puerto Rican political prisoner Oscar López Rivera, a fighter for social justice and equality in favor of the working class and the freedom of his homeland.

Long live the working class! Long live the solidarity of the peoples!

Luis Pedraza Leduc
Spokesperson of the Labor Coordinating Committee of Puerto Rico

NOVOROSSIYA: Volunteer Communist Detachment of the Ghost Brigade

The soldiers of the Communist Detachment of the Ghost Brigade of Alexei Mozgovoi send you warmest greetings from the front, where we are continuing our struggle against resurgent European neo-Nazism.

We are confident that the global solidarity of working people is a prerequisite for the further development of human civilization and the transition from the capitalist consumer society to building a socialist society. The October Revolution was the first step in this long and difficult road, but we must not stop there!

Know that your brothers and sisters in Russia and Novorossiya share your desire to build a new, more just society. Good luck in your fight!

Long live the revolution! Long live the universal fraternity of workers!

PUERTO RICO: Socialist Front

The Socialist Front of Puerto Rico, an organization fighting for socialism and independence in Puerto Rico, thanks you for the opportunity to address the National Conference of Workers World, an organization always in solidarity with Puerto Rican socialists.

We welcome the contributions of WW to the struggle of socialists in the U.S. and in their daily struggle for the emancipation of the working class. We agree totally that none of the cyclical crises of capitalism can be overcome through reformist policies and that only socialism frees the workers.

Long live proletarian internationalism!

For the Steering Committee of the Socialist Front of Puerto Rico,
Jorge Enriquez, coordinator of International Relations

CUBA: Cuban Association of the United Nations

The Cuban Association of the United Nations, founded in 1947 under the principles of the United Nations Charter and embracing solidarity as a necessary and important link for the union among the peoples, extends its fraternal greetings to delegates and wishes them every success in their struggle against the foundations of capitalism that oppresses and exploits workers, and welcomes the solidarity campaigns they extend to just causes in the world and their work to bring awareness and training to unite the working class, students, peasants and intellectuals committed to the destiny of our peoples and to world peace.

Our Association especially thanks once again Workers World Party/Mundo Obrero for its unconditional solidarity with the Cuban people in their struggle against the economic, financial and commercial blockade imposed by the government of the United States against Cuba for over 50 years and for the support it is given for our people to win back the Cuban territory illegally occupied by the Guantanamo Naval Base.


Soraya Alvarez Nuñez
General Director

SPAIN: Red Network

Truly conditions become more pressing each day. Imperialism’s aggressiveness grows daily and the need to resist opens the way for us to reach more and more sectors of the working class and our peoples. You should have no doubt, even in the hardest moments, when the enemy appears huge and our forces very small, that for us in the Spanish state and for all peoples of the world, your struggle in the U.S. is essential. Now, when we celebrate the 40th anniversary of the victory of the people of Vietnam against the bloodiest imperialism, we have no right to doubt that struggle is the only way forward, as long as we have burned into our minds and our hearts the motto of the Vietcong: “We are determined to win.”

Ángeles Maestro, Red Network

VENEZUELA: Communist Party (PCV)

For our Central Committee of the Communist Party of Venezuela, the deepening the general crisis of the capitalist mode of production in its imperialist stage dialectically exacerbates the fundamental contradiction between capital and labor: between the ever increasing socialization of production and the individual appropriation by the imperialists’ trust and, generally, by the monopoly bourgeoisie, of what is produced.

This contradiction is resolved by the defeat of the “national” bourgeoisie — which lives in conditions of dependence and subordination to U.S.-European imperialism — and the conquest of political power by the working class and the working people of city and countryside, deepening the process of national liberation and continental unity and the construction of socialism, in the initial stage of the communist mode of production.

Under this difficult stage of struggle, only the broadest unity of the workers of the city and countryside in the world will allow organizing of the proletarian army needed to give the final blow to the capitalist system in the perspective of building socialism.

Long live Socialism!

Long live proletarian internationalism!

Long live the Workers World Party Conference!

Carolus Wimmer, International Relations Secretary of the Communist Party of Venezuela

INDIA: Socialist Unity Centre of India (Communist)

Iraq is devastated and the country is now bleeding from civil war, with ISIS on the rampage. NATO-U.S. military intervention has transformed Libya into a state of anarchy. The theatre of war is now extended to Syria, with the U.S. openly instigating civil war by lending armed support to the rebels. It is militarily threatening North Korea on the issue of nuclear weapons. In all corners of the globe the U.S. nakedly displays its strong-arm tactics and bullying. To counter Russia and China, the U.S. is building up not only economic alliances, but also military alliances with Japan, Australia and India, which is itself an imperialist power.

Your National Conference has rightly chosen as its theme, “Putting Socialist Revolution on the Table.” Ruthless exploitation leading to pauperization of the masses and the consequent squeezing of the market has brought capitalism to a dead end with no escape from the crisis. As Marxism teaches, the only solution is a revolutionary overthrow of the oppressive and exploitative system and replacement of the capitalist production relations by socialist production relations.

Provash Ghosh, General Secretary, SUCI(C)

DENMARK: Danish Communist Party

Dear comrades!

The number of working poor in Denmark is on the rise in these years of the capitalist crisis. This is the result of major cutbacks on all social benefits and it is a declared policy of the EU and the bosses.

Denmark has, as NATO member, been in more or less constant war through the last 16 years, and lately Danish F16 jets have been bombing Iraq and the government is now suggesting they will bomb in Syria. Next year one of our focus points will be a campaign against imperialism, NATO and war.

Last, thank you for Workers World newspaper. It has been a priceless source of information and analysis for our own daily newspaper.

Long live international solidarity!

Danish Communist Party (KP)

GALICIA (Spanish state): Galician People’s Union (UPG)

We are at a difficult time as there is an offensive of imperialism at all levels — ideological, political, economic and military — with the goal of eliminating all dissent and of controlling the planet so that they can continue to exploit all the peoples and laboring classes.

We know of your struggle in the heart of the empire.

From Galicia, at a time when the struggle for the sovereignty of our people and the road to socialism is facing new opponents that, under the guise of presenting “new politics,” are really becoming a new version of social democracy, we send our internationalist embrace.

Duarte Correa Piñeiro
Secretary for International Relations
Central Committee of the Galizan People’s Union (UPG)

PANAMÁ: Citizen’s Pole

We are certain the National Conference will address issues of concern to the working class of all countries at the moment: the effects of the exit-less crisis of international capitalism on the living standards of the working classes; trade agreements, such as the recently formalized Trans-Pacific Partnership and the TTIP [Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership] negotiated in secret between the U.S. government and Europe to increase the exploitation of our peoples; the military escalation in the Middle East and the support given ISIS terrorists by the most reactionary allies of the White House; the migration crisis that affects all of humanity, both in this American continent and the Middle East, Africa and Europe; the urgency of lifting the economic blockade of Cuba; and support for the peace talks in Colombia.

In Panama we wait expectantly for the resolutions of your National Conference!

Citizen’s Pole, Panama

LATIN AMERICA: Continental Bolivarian Movement

We wish the greatest success to the National Conference of the Workers World/Mundo Obrero to be held on Nov. 7-8.

We share your determination to put the socialist revolution on the table at a time when world capitalism, whose center is the U.S., shows a prolonged and chronic crisis of decadence.

We are part of the same revolutionary and internationalist family.

From Our America in struggle, we join and embrace all your participants as representatives of the militant vanguard of American working people.

Forward forever!

Patria Grande and Socialism!

Another socialist world is possible!

Collective Presidency and Executive Leadership of the Continental Bolivarian Movement (MCB)

ITALY: John Gilbert, union organizer of the FLC-CGIL in Florence

For decades your party has undertaken a fundamental role in the analysis from a clear class perspective of the struggle for peace and social justice in the United States and the world, contributing to countless mobilizations and providing essential counter-information at home and abroad. Best wishes from the FLC-CGIL trade union in Florence, Italy, and may your conference represent a step closer to the creation of a militant and unified socialist left in North America!

A closed-fist salute,

John Gilbert


At present, the capitalist class that holds power in the United States is preparing a new farce they call the elections.

They are not free elections, but fully controlled ones, where only the parties representing the interests of that class can compete on a national level.

It is a farce aimed at deceiving the people of the United States and the world.

The capitalists have control when in fact it should be the workers who have it, as they are the ones who create what is necessary for human beings to stay alive.

Forward, comrades of Workers World, the future will be ours!

Dr. Néstor García Iturbe
The Herald Group

MEXICO: Electrical Workers Union (SME)

We Mexican electrical workers during six long years fighting for the recovery of our source of work, we know that the disaster and humanitarian crisis created by capitalism has no solution from the capitalist system itself.

In our particular case, we have suffered all the brutality of the system and their governments. As a union we were persecuted, stigmatized, repressed, jailed and victimized by the criminalization of the means of communication faithful to the system.

Therefore we are happy to greet comrades who intend to transform this reality. We believe that the liberation of workers is the work of the workers themselves, and it is therefore a vitally important event as the National Conference of the Workers World Party where we can find and define lines of action for the liberation of the working class.

Jose Humberto Montes de Oca Moon
Foreign Secretary
Mexican Electricians Union

IRAN: Solidarity Iran

Comrades, brothers and sisters gathered in the National Conference of the Workers World Party,

This is a statement by Solidarity Iran, SI campaign, to congratulate you for convening your party’s National Conference at a time of growing worldwide resistance against imperialist aggressions abroad and social/economic hardships resulting from the deepening capitalist crisis.

Witnessing the ruthlessness of the capitalist ruling classes evidenced in hunger, extreme poverty, malnutrition and homelessness of tens of millions of people all around the world and specially among the oppressed nations, and the death of hundreds of thousands of innocent people in the imperialist proxy wars in Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine and elsewhere, we see no solution in facing such atrocities except organizing resistance movements which could mobilize and bring to power the oppressed, a force that constitutes 99 percent of the world population. This is what revolutionary organizations like Workers World Party are currently doing, and that is why we congratulate you.

We use this opportunity to express also our appreciation for activities of the Workers World Party and its affiliated organization, the International Action Center, in solidarity with just struggles of the Iranian people.

Keep up the good works. United, we shall succeed.

In solidarity,

Abdolhamid Shahrabi
Solidarity Iran, SI Co-founder and Coordinator

BRAZIL: Free Homeland Party

From Brazil we send a combative embrace and wish that the Conference being held has all the success that the North American people require and deserve.

We know that your struggle is key for all of us. And we also know that the defeat of the most harmful and criminal empire that humanity has suffered, will come from our united struggle, united and in solidarity.

Long live Workers World!

Long live the friendship between Workers World and the Free Homeland Party of Brazil!

For a world without empires and exploitation!

Free Homeland Party of Brazil


It’s not easy to be anti-imperialist for those inhabiting the belly of the beast. Therefore we welcome with respect and admiration the heroic work of Workers World Party.

Thus, a Portuguese and internationalist website, has translated and published articles written by WWP leaders, with whom we stand in solidarity.

At a time when the general and systemic crisis of capitalism deepens, with its tragic consequences, it is more important than ever to maintain a lucid vision of reality as it is.

The weapons of misinformation are the most dangerous, as they sow confusion among the people. We know that WWP fights heroically against this alienating situation, despite having few resources. The United States and the world need parties like WWP.

Jorge Figueiredo, editor

Virginia Defenders

Here in the United States, the center of world imperialism, those who consider themselves progressive activists on domestic issues must also be internationalists, ready to give all possible support to our sisters and brothers who struggle in other lands.

Workers World Party has long distinguished itself in this respect, extending solidarity to the struggling working class everywhere, often bucking the tide of neoliberal support for imperialist policies.

Here in Richmond, Va., the former capital of the slavery-defending Confederacy, the Defenders have been engaged in a 13-year struggle to reclaim and properly memorialize the section of the city known as Shockoe Bottom, once the epicenter of the U.S. domestic slave trade.

We would like to extend our gratitude to your party for allowing us to tell the stories of these struggles in the pages of Workers World newspaper, and also to the United National Antiwar Coalition.

Ana Edwards, Chair, Sacred Ground Historical Reclamation Project

Phil Wilayto, Editor, The Virginia Defender

Kentucky Workers League

The Central Committee of Kentucky Workers League extends warm fraternal greetings to Workers World Party on the occasion of its 2015 national conference.

As an organization comprised primarily of young people, we live the reality of low-wage capitalism every day. Our wages are stolen, our hours are cut, and we are fired or evicted at the whim of bosses and landlords. It has never been clearer that capitalism serves neither our interests nor the interests of the vast majority of humanity.

We are deeply grateful to know that Workers World comrades stand shoulder to shoulder with us in the struggle to build a better world.

Long live the workers’ struggle! Organize the unorganized!

KWL Central Committee
Lexington, Ky.

United National Anti-war Coalition (UNAC)

I personally have learned a lot from working with your comrades, especially about the need to focus our attention clearly on U.S. imperialism. We are in a very dangerous period, as imperialist forces and their proxies are on an all-out offensive against any country that stands in the way of their continued expansion and domination. This has led to direct confrontation with both Russia and China in a way that we have not seen since the height of the Cold War. They have also not held back from their attacks on their class enemy at home, which has meant vicious attacks on Black and immigrant communities and on all working people.

Despite this reality, we have good reason to be optimistic. We know much of their actions are done out of desperation as world capitalism finds itself in great crisis and the only way to maintain profits and expand is to attack working people at home and abroad. We are also optimistic when we see that the true nature of capitalism is being exposed to millions as never before.

On this 98th anniversary of the Russian Revolution, as you are holding this important conference, I know you will make strides towards that ultimate revolution that we are all hoping for.

In solidarity,

Joe Lombardo, Co-coordinator, UNAC

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