Madison, Wis., cops face no charges for killing of Tony Robinson

Protesters gather May 12 in Madison near the location of Tony Robinson’s murder.Photo: Ferguson to Madison

Protesters gather May 12 in Madison near the location of Tony Robinson’s murder.
Photo: Ferguson to Madison

May 12 — Today Dane County District Attorney Ismael Ozanne said there will be no charges filed against killer Madison, Wis., cop Matt Kenny in the March 6 murder of Tony Robinson, an unarmed 19-year-old Black student. Ozanne’s decision follows the nationwide pattern of cops walking free after terrorizing and murdering Black and Brown people.

Anticipating Ozanne’s decision, the Young Gifted and Black (YGB) coalition called for a Black-OUT action on Wednesday, May 13. The coalition has been leading mass militant protests since it formed in the wake of Michael Brown’s murder by police in Ferguson, Mo., in August. The YGB is a part of the Ferguson Response Network and many of their protest actions are posted to the alliance’s website (

YGB states on their Facebook page for the May 13 action:

“…In connection with Black Spring, a national Black Lives Matter campaign for Black liberation, YGB will resume actions on Black Out Wednesday. Black Spring recognizes the death of Tony as connected to the murders of Freddie Gray, Michael Brown, Rekia Boyd, Tamir Rice, Aiyana Jones, as well as the thousands of Black people who have been killed by state sponsored and condoned violence. It is a movement that connects the ‘fast deaths’ of police and vigilante violence to the ‘slow deaths’ Black people experience in this country as the result of poverty, mass incarceration, evacuated education systems, and physical and mental health struggles. YGB sees all of these as injuries of state violence against Black people across America. Black Lives Matter calls us all to see that the long winter must be over. It is time to move into spring and grow by demonstrating resistance and resilience against the assault on Black people in Madison and across the country.”

‘Stand up for Black lives’

The page gives further details: “We will gather for a mass action at 9 a.m. on Wednesday morning at Williamson Street and Few Street in front of the house where Tony was murdered where we will march from to hold a People’s Court. We ask workers, students, families and community members who share our vision to stand up for Black lives as part of this Black Spring movement, and Walk Out on Black Out Wednesday. NO WORK. NO BUSINESS. NO SCHOOL. NO JUSTICE? NO PEACE.”

In solidarity with YGB, the Coalition For Justice (COJ) in Milwaukee is sponsoring a “Justice For Tony Robinson: Solidarity Rally and March” at Red Arrow Park May 13. The COJ formed after the police murder of Dontre Hamilton.  Christopher Manney, the cop who killed Hamilton on April 30, 2014, at Red Arrow Park, was also not charged for any crimes. The Nation of Islam Mosque No. 3 in Milwaukee is also sponsoring a Black Lives Matter forum May 13.

Over the past year there has been increasing solidarity between the Madison and Milwaukee YGB and COJ coalitions and with organizations such as the Milwaukee Teachers Education Association, Wisconsin Jobs Now and Youth Empowered in the Struggle.

The Wisconsin Bail Out The People Movement issued this statement May 12 immediately following Ozanne’s decision:

“We denounce the outrageous decision to not indict killer cop Matt Kenney who murdered Anthony Robinson March 6 in Madison. We stand in full solidarity with the Robinson, Hamilton and all families affected by their loved ones being murdered by the police. And we stand in solidarity with the Young Gifted and Black Coalition and the Coalition For Justice who are organizing and participating in protest actions against police terror. We demand justice for Tony, Dontre, Rekia Boyd, Freddie Grey and all victims of police terror! Prosecute and jail killer cops! All out for May 13 protest actions in Milwaukee and Madison! Living wage jobs and people’s needs, not police terror! Disarm the police!” (

For more updates and information:;;; or at the hashtags:#BlackLivesMatter; #BlackSpring; #‎Justice4Tony‬; #YGB.

The YGB coalition is also asking supporters to sign their petition, “Demand UN Intervention: Stop The War on Black People:” (

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