Solidarity messages to Workers World Party/Mundo Obrero

The following are excerpts from written solidarity messages to the Workers World Party 56th national conference, held Nov. 15-16 in New York City. Other messages were sent by video from the FARC of Colombia and Oscar Rivera of Puerto Rico or delivered at the conference from representatives of the Cuban U.N. mission or others.

Asia — Workers Party of Korea (DPRK)

Upon authorization of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea, I wish to extend warm congratulations to the National Committee of the Workers World Party on the occasion of its annual conference.

During the past year, the Workers World Party has played a vanguard role in awakening and uniting the working class of the United States in the struggle to defend their dignity and rights against exploitation and oppression of the imperialists, thus drawing strong support from the progressive parties and working people around the world.

We take a great pride in having forged close cooperative relations with the Workers World Party in the joint cause for socialism in the interest of the working people over the past several decades.

We sincerely wish that the Workers World Party will grow from strength to strength in its rank and file and influence in the years to come.

Convinced that the friendly and cooperative relations between our two parties will continue to develop and strengthen in the future, we once again extend our strong solidarity with the Workers World Party in its just cause and struggle for the working masses of the United States and around the world.

South America — The FARC of Colombia


The Peace Delegation FARC-EP says in the name of our organization: “We are present” and salutes your conference with revolutionary feelings and class solidarity.

Capitalism remains locked in the turmoil of its systemic crisis. The perverse logic of neoliberalism yields no replacement for the forms of exploitation of the poor of the earth, who grow more numerous and poorer, while a handful of billionaires, ever fewer in number, grow richer in capital — but they find nowhere to store their huge profits, these owners of the huge transnational corporations plaguing the world.

Militarist aggression is on the order of the day; the crisis grows much more dangerous for the empire and its satellites, and as they fall they may drag down the planet itself. The peoples’ resistance everywhere bears witness to the need to bring the empire to an end, but it will not end on its own.

Violence means domination, far beyond that inherent to the outrageous inequality imposed on the people, the commonplace massacres, vicious attacks on communities, physical assaults and murder. The mainstream media of disinformation, a real weapon in the war, deserve special mention.

Regarding our struggle, last May we completed 50 years of armed resistance while carrying out our legitimate right of rebellion. We are not the cause of the violence; we are the response to the state’s aggression.

Here in Havana we complete, as of Nov. 19, two years the Table of Negotiations, where we have achieved partial agreements in 3 of the 6 points on the agenda of the General Agreement on ending the conflict and building a stable peace. We move forward to the discussion of the other points.

They are wrong who consider dialogue surrender. The struggle for peace has always been a revolutionary banner.

The president of Uruguay, José Mujica, said it well: “Peace in Colombia is peace on the continent.”

Peace Delegation of the FARC-EP

Havana, Cuba, 15 November 2014

South America — Bolivarian Socialist Workers Central of Venezuela

As you are aware, since the physical departure of our Supreme Commander Hugo Chávez Frías, our people have suffered the harshest punishments by those who saw in the absence of our leader an opportunity to end our Bolivarian Revolution and his historical legacy. There have been long months of attacks, including 14 killed on 14 April 2013 and 42 deaths between February and May 2014.

Economic war, hoarding, speculation and smuggling, terrorism and violence were on our people’s daily schedule. However, the Venezuelan people have given examples of immense dignity, love of country and their legendary courage to defend the Bolivarian Revolution and the legacy of our Supreme Commander.

In the face of the globalization of the crisis of capital, we must internationalize the struggles of the peoples.

Make no mistake, with Chávez as our guide and Nicolás as our pilot, the revolution goes forward! We will live and we will win!

Asia — Socialist Party of Bangladesh

Workers World Party is a revolutionary party working in the fortress of world capitalism-imperialism. People from all over the globe keep an eye on the development of the revolutionary struggle there. It is a hope and pleasure for us to know that hundreds of revolutionary fighters and activists representing all sectors of workers in the U.S. will be gathering Nov 15 and 16 in New York for a National Conference 2014 of Workers World Party.

As a fraternal party, we know this conference will stimulate the development of our struggle here in Bangladesh and also the people engaged in heroic resistance against all reactionary forces all over the world.

We hope for all-out success of this Conference.

Khalequzzaman, General Secretary, Central Committee

Africa — Assembly of African Workers — Senegal

Your meeting, comrades, is held in a particular context of intensification of the Zionist aggression of the state of Israel against the people of Palestine, but also the victory of the people of Burkina Faso of Thomas Sankara, who just drove from power the bloody Blaise Compaoré. The victory of the Burkinabe people is reminiscent of that of the Senegalese people that on June 23, 2011, were also forced to take to the streets to reject the proposed revision of the Constitution that Wade tried to pass to stay in power. Glory to the people of Burkina!

Our party, the Assembly of African Workers/Senegal, will spare no effort to be always present with the toiling masses to defend their fundamental interests and influence the direction of their struggle for a People’s Democratic Republic and for their social emancipation.

Long live the struggle of the oppressed peoples and nations for their self-determination!

Long live international solidarity!

Long live Workers World Party!

Dakar, The Political Secretariat

Caribbean — Socialist Front of Puerto Rico

In the midst of the global crisis of capitalism, the militarization of the police and their racist terror in the U.S., while from Ferguson in Missouri to Ukraine and to Palestine, the people resist and fight to win, it is for us an example and a hope that the revolutionary socialists of Workers World/Mundo Obrero are holding their 56th conference to struggle in the U.S. for the working class to achieve an anti-capitalist and socialist future.

You can count, comrades, on our full solidarity in your struggle to achieve socialism in the U.S.

Asia — The National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP), including the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) and its 17 allied revolutionary organizations, extends their militant and warmest fraternal greetings of solidarity.

The global crisis of imperialism continues to worsen and desperately unleashes economic, political and military offensives against the oppressed peoples of the world.

The Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) will aggressively advance neoliberal globalization policies that plunder resources — human and natural — of many countries. At the same time, the U.S. is implementing its rebalancing strategy with its pivot to Asia in order to expand and consolidate its military presence in the region.

As the economic crisis worsens, U.S. imperialism has unmasked itself to its own people. We see this most recently with the ongoing killings targeting young Black men like Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner and Michael Brown, and the martial law being imposed by the racist police in Ferguson, Missouri.

In the Philippines, the national democratic revolution continues to advance and the people are looking forward to establishing a bright socialist future.

The revolutionary movement in the Philippines shall continue to stand and work beside you and the oppressed people of the world to fight neoliberal globalization, fascism, racism and all kinds of reaction in order to finally bring down monopoly capitalism and usher in socialism.

Long live the Workers World Party!  Long live the national democratic revolution in the Philippines! Long live international solidarity!

Europe — Red Network, communist organization of the Spanish State

Dear comrades:

We feel close to you, even though there are thousands of miles between us, because Workers World and Red Network are two detachments of the same international movement.

Given the brutal consequences of capitalist crisis, our organizations have agreed that we must reject the siren song of social democracy. We have a special responsibility, as we are detachments located behind the lines, in the heart of the imperialist beast itself.

There is no humanized capitalism; only socialism can provide a decent life for the working class. There are no easy changes; only revolution can bring socialism. There are no spontaneous revolutions; only organization makes them possible. And there is no organization without political intervention; only the link with the real struggles of the working class will generate a genuine revolutionary leadership.

Long live the struggle of the working class! Long live Workers World! Long live socialism!

Asia — Socialist Unity Centre of India (Communist)

Dear Comrades,

Your conference is taking place at a time that presents challenges as well as opportunities in building up revolutionary struggles in the background of the most acute global crisis of capitalism and the imperialist wars in different corners of the globe. In a desperate bid to survive, the imperialist powers led by the USA are unleashing wars on many countries of the world. But winds of change have started to blow over the United States and indeed over the whole world. We are witnessing people’s heroic resistance against capitalist onslaughts in the USA and all over the world.

We express our deepest appreciation of and full solidarity with the arduous struggle of the Workers World Party for holding aloft the banner of Marxism-Leninism against all odds in a land perceived to be the fortress of capitalism-imperialism. We hope that while strengthening the anti-capitalist, anti-imperialist struggle in the USA, you will work for a coordination of the global struggle against imperialism and through this process deepen the mutual understanding of the communist and workers’ parties of the different countries.

Long Live Revolution! Long Live Workers World!

Manik Mukherjee, Central Committee

Mexican Electrical Workers Union

Mexican electricians fully agree that the capitalist system is a dead end for the people and workers, from the internal logic of the system we will find no solution to the problems facing the working class in our country for the conflicts that result in a humanitarian crisis that is reflective of the national disaster in which we are immersed.

In Mexico, the effects of neoliberalism have been devastating. The so-called “opening” of the energy sector in Mexico means the loss of national sovereignty and its delivery to private capital. Communities, social organizations, student political activists and unions are resisting the onslaught of government and business, and proposing new ways of carrying out and mobilizing for the struggle.

The Mexican Electricians Union actively participated in the creation and strengthening of a New Workers Central, a class organization with which we seek the re-establishment of trade unionism in Mexico to defend the labor rights of the people as a whole.

The ongoing tragedy of the 43 education students of Ayotzinapa renewed protest and anger of thousands of Mexicans, forming distinct points of organization. On Nov. 20, the Mexican Electricians Union is hosting a national meeting of all social movements and struggling sectors of the country to demand a real solution to this outrageous situation, and for the people to find a way out of the crisis in the government and all the institutions of the regime.

Caribbean — Vieques, Puerto Rico (CPRDV)

Receive from Vieques a strong embrace of solidarity on the occasion of the 56th National Conference-Workers World Party/Mundo Obrero. We appreciate the consistent support for years that WWP-MO has given to the struggle for justice and peace in our community. The great victory of May 1, 2003, that ended the bombing here was made possible by the solidarity of progressive organizations both in Puerto Rico and in the U.S. and other countries. Despite great challenges and struggles that continue here after the cessation of bombing, Vieques lives better, thanks to the international revolutionary movement of which you are an important part.

Robert Rabin Siegal, Nilda Medina Díaz, the Board, CPRDV

Latin American and Caribbean Coordination — of Puerto Rico

Your conference is even more important and on target because of the events that are shaking the world.

In Puerto Rico, the worsening crisis is raging against the working class, the marginalized. The lack of sovereign powers prevent the timid colonial regime from taking decisions and measures that would alleviate the economy for all. On the other hand, the lack of unity in the labor movement has meant that the few protests that the most radical sector are taking are ineffective. The same applies to the political left fighting for independence in which sectarianism and opportunism prevail.

Because of this some eight independence and socialist organizations have established a roundtable in an attempt to work together to achieve our goals and fight the fascist-like government that confronts us. The struggle continues and will continue until we build the socialist society we want and deserve.

Norberto Cintrón Fiallo, President, Liliana Laboy, Secretary

Central America — Citizen’s Pole, Panamá

Your national conference will take place as important events shake the world class struggle.

The closest event that touches our hearts is the state crime committed against the student teachers in Ayotzinapa — Mexico. From all parts of this continent, we must surround with solidarity the suffering parents and classmates who continue to search for them.

Surely your assembly will debate what is already the Third Gulf War under the guise of fighting ISIL or ISIS, to justify aggression against Syria, Iraq and Iran indirectly [and] the war in Ukraine, leading to the crisis and its dismemberment by the expansionist ambitions of NATO and the United States at the expense of Russia. You will also analyze the results of the midterm elections on November 4 in the U.S.

In Panamá, we await expectantly the results of your discussions and documents emanating from the assembly.

Olmedo Beluche

Caribbean — Cuban Association of the United Nations

We have joined the international campaign for the liberation of our brothers Antonio Guerrero, Gerardo Hernández and Ramón Labañino, who remain still unjustly imprisoned in the United States for over 16 years, only because they chose to combat terrorism.

On the occasion of the 56th National Conference, and aware of the work done by the Workers World Party-Mundo Obrero, in its goal of fighting to build a better, more caring, just and equitable world, the Cuban Association of the United Nations, sends its fraternal greeting to your delegates and support the work of your conference, wishing your delegates every success in their struggle and accomplishment for the construction of a better world.

A revolutionary fraternal embrace,

Soraya Álvarez Núñez

Director General

Asia — House of Latin America (HOLA) and Solidarity Iran (SI)

We two organizations based in the Islamic Republic of Iran that strive respectively for extending friendship between the peoples of Iran and Latin America and defending the right of Iran for self-determination and sovereignty, wish to hereby express our deep appreciation and strong solidarity with your brave actions in the face of inhuman aggressions of the United States government.

Today’s imperialist aggressions abroad, such as the wars on Iraq and Syria or their full support of genocides of the Zionist state of Israel in Gaza and other lands of the Palestinian people, their criminal economic sanctions and embargo against Iran, Cuba, Gaza and North Korea, their endless attempts to bring instability in Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador and other independent nations in Latin America, their increasing drone attacks in Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia, their engineering of a coup d’état in Ukraine followed by illegitimate sanctions on Russia, yes, such assaults together with austerity plans aimed at putting the immense burden of capitalist economic crisis on the shoulders of the workers and impoverished people not only in oppressed nations but also at home, in the United States and Europe, call for expansion and strengthening the worldwide resistance movement.

South America — Workers’ Center of Ecuador

At the 70-year mark since the creation of the Confederation of Workers of Ecuador CTE, the union that is part of the World Federation of Trade Unions, a class and revolutionary tendency, which is identified with the popular struggles for peace, progress and national liberation, and socialism, we send to you and all those attending this historic event, our class solidarity and revolutionary greetings.

The CTE was born of popular struggles for the defense of national sovereignty, for agrarian reform, for decent and fair wages, for decreasing working hours, against dictatorships and fascism.

In Ecuador, we still have hopes for change in the midst of great risks, we therefore raise our cry to consolidate a process to change the social, political and economic structure.

The CTE, today, is the actual expression and the driving force and organizer of the workers with the ability to understand the current moments and to go for two interconnected goals: to defeat the neoliberal reaction and promote transformative actions for change.

I wish you all the best in this conference.


Edgar L. Correa Sarango, president, CTE.

South America — Communist Party of Venezuela

The struggle of the working class is very complex in the current international situation, where the interimperialist contradictions threaten to trigger a world war, with a view to maintaining and expanding the model of U.S. hegemonic dominance as the sole power on the planet.

In this context, the workers of the world must strengthen their organization and militancy to seize the revolutionary opportunities that coexist with the difficult political, economic and military scenario in the world where imperialism intends to raze to the ground the historic gains made by workers over the last 200 years.

Only progress in lifting up the collective consciousness of the workers in their levels of organization, inciting them to struggle, guided by a correct revolutionary theory can we overcome this imperialist onslaught and turn it into the lever to move forward the process of building socialism.

Long live proletarian internationalism

Long live Workers World Party

Long live the National Conference of Workers World Party

Hasta la Victoria Siempre

Óscar Figuera, Secretary General, and Carolus Wimmer,

Secretary for International Relations.

South America — Patriotic March of Colombia

We are convinced from our political and social movement, Patriotic March, that your political and organizational deliberations about the current historical moment in the United States, the continent and the world, will be of the highest quality and depth.

In our country, the social movement and the left have decided to take united steps to overthrow the neoliberal regime of misery and pain to which the ruling class subservient to imperialism and transnational capital has subjected us, destroying nature in its wake and leading toward the disappearance of the human species.

We build among all peoples worthy of our America “our great American motherland” while breaking the imperialist chains.

South America — Free Fatherland Party (Brazil)

The revolutionary work you do in the entrails of imperialism is crucial to the success of the struggle for a better and more just world for all. The crisis that capitalism is mired in can only be overcome by the struggle and consciousness of all of us, united, firm and with solidarity.

Here in Brazil, our struggle also involves preventing the advance of the submission of our countries to the dictates of the empire. We wish you much success!

Long live the Workers World Party Conference!

Long live the unity of our people!

A big hug from Free Fatherland Party!

Rasmea Defense Committee statement (USA, Palestine)

First, a special thanks to those comrades and friends from Detroit who were with us in court each day last week, as you have been at each of her hearings over the course of the past year.

On Monday, Nov. 10, a travesty of justice took place. Rasmea Odeh was found guilty of one count of Unlawful Procurement of Naturalization. Then, just hours after the jury read its verdict, Judge Gershwin Drain revoked her bond. In front of a courtroom full of shocked supporters, she was put in handcuffs and taken into custody. Before she was removed by two hulking U.S. marshals, Rasmea turned around to say, “Don’t cry, I am strong. I love you all. Don’t worry about me.” Someone in the courtroom answered, “Free Palestine!”

The fight for a free Palestine is at the heart of Rasmea’s case, and her legendary strength is an example to freedom fighters everywhere.

Eastern Europe — Union Borotba (Struggle) of Ukraine

At the moment I am in Crimea because my friends and I had to leave Odessa after the terrible massacre of May 2, 2014. The Ukrainian government that organized this tragedy is now conducting arrests of activists, including our comrade Vlad Wojciechowski, and others who survived the fire at the House of Trade Unions. The government is doing everything in order to hide the real causes and culprits of this terrible massacre. Union Borotba declares that we will nevertheless pursue the investigation of this tragedy, and everyone guilty of it will answer for it and be punished.

In Ukraine today the old, bourgeois state is collapsing. The economic crisis is very acute and led to the massive protests that erupted in the Lugansk and Donetsk regions. Protests also broke out in the Odessa region, in Kharkov, Nikolaev and other areas.

Because of the civil war, the protest movement is now in a dire state. It was suppressed in many areas. But in Lugansk and Donetsk, on the contrary, where the people raised their heads to protect themselves, we see that they are winning the fight, and they can defend themselves, their homes and their loved ones.

We see that Ukraine’s economy is collapsing. Today it is becoming harder and harder for the Ukrainian government to pay for killing civilians or get support for sending ordinary young people to their deaths in Donetsk and Lugansk. We know that this government is not going to rule for long, and we will do our best to ensure that the junta of oligarchs and Nazis is defeated as soon as possible.

We are grateful to all the comrades who support the struggle of the Ukrainian people against the oligarchy and the Nazis. We call for solidarity because only together, by joint efforts, can we defeat the world capitalist system. We will definitely win!

¡No Pasarán!

Alexei Albu, Odessa Regional Council Deputy

West Asia — Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine

We salute Workers World Party, struggling in the belly of the beast of U.S. imperialism, which has been a solid and true fighting party for Palestine from its earliest days, and a strong ally of all forces and peoples struggling for revolution, for national liberation and for socialism.

From the rallies against U.S. imperialism in Vietnam, Iraq, Syria, Palestine, Latin America, Africa and every oppressed nation struggling for liberation; to the WWP’s consistent position against racism and oppression within the borders of the United States; to challenging settler colonialism from Turtle Island to Palestine; to standing with a clear and unflinching vision and commitment to a revolutionary, socialist future — the Workers World Party has struggled and continues to struggle on the front lines, for a vision of a future that the PFLP is proud to share.

On the question of Palestine, the WWP has been a consistent and principled voice — refusing to suppress or compromise a true vision of liberation for Palestine and the Palestinian people — from the river to the sea, national and social liberation.

Wherever there is oppression and injustice, WWP has stood for justice. Wherever there is racism and colonialism, WWP has stood for liberation. Wherever there is imperialism and exploitation, WWP has stood for revolution and socialism.

South America — Communist Party of Brazil

The new offensive of U.S. imperialism and NATO is threatening the peace in the world. The drums of war are being played and the military-industrial complex is claiming for new conflicts. Obama’s administration has failed in its assault against Syria and Ukraine and now they are trying by other ways to withdraw regimes, which are not allied with imperialist intent.

We understand that the working class from the United States will advance in its level of consciousness to face imperialism. The example of the demonstrations in Ferguson shows in the United States the potential of resistance against the capitalist system.

Latin America reaffirms the new political cycle in most of its countries. The struggle of the peoples of Latin American advances and in some of the countries with a socialist orientation.

Brazil’s election was a clear dispute between two projects: the continuation of Dilma Rousseff’s government against the backing of the right forces, which work to the return of the failed neoliberal way. Fortunately, left, progressive and democratic forces, united with Dilma, won the election even with a very conservative new National Congress elected.

Long live the U.S. Working Class!

Long live the resistance against imperialism!

Ricardo Alemão Abreu

International Relations Secretary (PCdoB)

Europe — Communist League of Finland

The Communist League of Finland sends its best comradely greetings to Workers World Party and its national conference. We wish you strength in your struggle for a better future and socialism.


Tommi Lievemaa, Vice General Secretary, Communist League of Finland

South America — Metropolitan Tenants’ Network, Caracas, Venezuela

We send our greatest solidarity from Caracas, Venezuela, and our appreciation for the work you do in the heart of the empire.

For whatever you might need you can contact the Metropolitan Tenants Network, a revolutionary social movement fighting for the right to housing and against arbitrary evictions, which are nothing more than the evil of the capitalist system directed against working families, which have historically been denied access to homeownership.

¡Hasta la Victoria Siempre!

Elizabeth Santos, spokeswoman

Europe —, web magazine, Portugal

Here in Portugal, a country with a shrinking and devastated economy, tied to the euro, subject to the dictatorship of the European Union and financial capital, we send our warmest greetings to Workers World. Here, even in adverse conditions, we continue to resist.

There are moments in history when the old world is rotten, but the new world that has to replace it has not yet been born. We are at such a time. The systemic crisis of capitalism can have no good way out and now threatens us with criminal and serial wars. It is to be feared even, in desperation, that U.S. imperialism may resort to nuclear war.

We know of the heroic efforts of the Workers World for organizing the U.S. American people in an increasingly repressive context and we admire you for that.

Jorge Figueiredo, publisher

Europe — Change of Life Collective, Portugal

Twenty-five years have passed since the fall of the Berlin Wall, celebrated then with odes to liberty and the end of the Cold War. It has now become clear that the goal of the capitalist powers and the actual historical result of this change in the borders of Germany was strengthening the European Union as an imperialist power and strengthening U.S. influence in Europe, especially in Eastern Europe.

In Ukraine, the EU and the U.S.’s economic and strategic ambitions have reached the point of provoking a civil war, bringing back to life the ghosts of the Cold War. Even more: they have not hesitated to support Nazi forces and put them in power, turning these Nazis into major instruments and allies.

But this disastrous turn does not take place without opposition from its victims. Popular resistance takes many forms.

It expresses itself in the constant revolts and struggles of the Arab and Muslim peoples, in the armed resistance in eastern Ukraine, whose populations refuse to submit to Nazi forces and declare their right to choose another path.

It also reveals itself in another form of resistance and change, the breakdown of the base of political support for the traditional parties of bourgeois power in Europe.

Lisbon, November 2014

Caribbean — Compañeros United for the Decolonization of Puerto Rico

We support all efforts for justice for people in general. Capitalism is the opposite of this.

We wish you success in this important meeting in New York and hope that it will bring new ways to advance justice for all!

We will be in New York in June 2015 to the Second Protest Oscar – Mandela in New York.

Marcha Patriótica Colombia — California Chapter

Marcha Patriótica is a political and social movement from Colombia that struggles for a second and definitive independence, a better life for all in Colombia and an end to the repression of those who fight for social justice. We founded the California chapter a little more than a year ago, and we are grateful for the support of Workers World Party. The party understands the importance of international struggle and solidarity, that socialism is only possible if it is across the globe, and the importance of supporting movements of self- determination. We have made a friend and will keep working closely with Workers World Party for a better future that crosses all borders. Your conference is a giant step toward the world revolution.

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