Ferguson’s moment of truth

A moment of truth approaches in Ferguson, in Missouri, in the United States. Two sides are mobilizing for the next step in the struggle for freedom from police and state repression for nationally oppressed peoples in the United States.

The point of contention is the Missouri grand jury’s decision either to indict the killer of 18-year-old Michael Brown, gunned down last August by cop Darren Wilson — or to let Wilson walk without even facing a trial.

Those on the side of the repressive cops have leaked selected bits of “news” that they hope will make Wilson look slightly less guilty of murder, but it won’t convince those who demand justice for Brown. On the contrary, this has led the progressive movement that supports Ferguson’s Black residents to expect that Wilson, who shot and killed Brown, won’t be indicted for it. And with good reason.

Gov. Jay Nixon of Missouri has already declared a state of emergency and mobilized the National Guard, along with the militarized state and local police forces equipped with the heaviest weapons the Pentagon could distribute, under the pretext of a “terrorist” threat. All this is clearly meant to intimidate and/or repress the people who stand up against injustice.

On the side of justice, those fighting for civil rights and against racism in Ferguson and around the country are prepared to demonstrate. Actions are planned in 70 cities, four in New York City alone. Most are set for the day of or day after the grand jury decision. (See iacenter.org for details.)

It is a sign of the maturity and determination of this movement that the protesters plan to go out in the streets to show their support for justice and against racism, whatever the grand jury decides. The struggle against police brutality and racist policing neither begins nor ends with Ferguson — but it has reached a moment of truth there.

We call on all our readers to participate in the protests and marches.

Long live the memory of Michael Brown!

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