Where is justice for Michael Brown?

Michael Brown

Michael Brown

Legal expert Lisa Bloom told Chris Hayes on his “All In” show on MSNBC on September 17: “Every time this prosecutor [Robert P. McCulloch] has had a choice of two different options, he has chosen the option that leans towards the defense [for Ferguson, Mo., cop Darren Wilson].

“He didn’t recuse himself. He didn’t file charges against Darren Wilson as he could have. And now he is allowing Darren Wilson to testify in front of the grand jury,” she said.

“I don’t see anyone in this grand jury room who is an advocate for Mike Brown.”

Knowing that the so-called “justice system” in the U.S. is designed to implement occupation, terror, murder and imprisonment on the African-American community, this latest move by the St. Louis prosecutor to have Darren Wilson testify is one more sign of contempt for oppressed people and for their calls for justice in the cold-blooded killing of ­Michael Brown.

Prosecutor Robert McCulloch himself has four times presented evidence to a grand jury after a fatal police shooting. In none of those cases were the officers involved indicted.

There have been other signs. Instead of specifying charges against Wilson for this brutal killing, Prosecutor McCulloch has left all decisions about charges to the 12-person grand jury, nine of whom are white.

Benjamin Crump, an attorney for the Brown family, says the grand jury is being used as “a smoke screen.”

“There’s enough probable cause that exists to indict the officer now,” Crump said. “We don’t need this grand jury.” (MSNBC.com, Sept. 17)

Democratic committeewoman of Ferguson Township, Patricia Bynes, said, “There is a concern that there may be some racial bias. With the jury being overwhelmingly a white male jury, it does give us a little pause. It feels like business as usual in St. Louis County.” (washingtonpost.com, Sept. 7)

This grand jury’s term was set to expire before the end of September. But a judge has extended their term to early January. Many in the African-American community believe that those who rule want them to contend with an unjust decision during the cold and snow of winter.

“I think it’s a prequel to a non-indictment,” said Umar Lee, a St. Louis cab driver and Brown supporter. “I think they’re waiting to January because they want people to fade and for the movement to fizzle out in the cold weather,” he said. (MSNBC.com, Sept. 17)

But the community does not choose to wait. On Sept. 16, protesters packed a St. Louis County Council meeting and disrupted it with chants of “Arrest Darren Wilson!”

And plans are underway to protest the shooting and the prosecutor’s inaction at the National Football League’s Rams vs. Cowboys game in St. Louis on Sept. 21. Charles Modiano, also a Ferguson protester, told a reporter: “I love this idea. We have to keep the protests alive. Darren Wilson has not been arrested. The police chief has not resigned. The militarization continues. As long as there is no justice, there’s no time for games.” (edgeofsports.com, Sept. 18)

The only hope for justice for Mike Brown is the determined and courageous struggle by the community and all progressive supporters to force the thorough prosecution of Darren Wilson now!

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