Killer cop of Dontre Hamilton is exposed

Milwaukee, Wis.— The struggle for justice for Dontre Hamilton intensified Sept.18, when his family released the name of the cop that shot him 14 times at Red Arrow Park in Milwaukee on April 30, killing him instantly.

After four months of absolute refusal by Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn and District Attorney John Chisholm to release the name of the killer cop, the Coalition For Justice — formed by Nathaniel Hamilton, Dontre’s brother, and supporters, after the killing of his brother — ­released public record information about Christopher Manney, who killed Dontre.

Hamilton, speaking at a Sept. 18 Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission meeting, after announcing Manney as the killer, had his microphone cut off after speaking for two minutes. The Hamilton family and their supporters at this and previous Fire and Police Commission meetings have been set upon by Milwaukee police, being forcefully removed from this public meeting and from City Hall, where the meeting takes place, while it is still in session.

Following the Fire and Police Commission meeting, the coalition wrote on its Facebook page Sept. 19:

“The MPD Officer who shot Dontre Hamilton 14 times and took his life from him was named Christopher Manney. This man had a history of violence and excessive use of force and the City has a history of excusing it, as proven by a write up from 2007. City officials and the media refuse to release his name, so we will!”

The Milwaukee district attorney refuses at this time to charge Manney with any crime. The Hamilton family is demanding Manney be charged, at the least, with homicide.

Dontre’s murder follows dozens of killings by Milwaukee cops, mostly of Black and Brown people, over the previous two decades. These killings punctuate numerous other atrocities committed by the police, including the forcible stripping of Black men and women in public and the conducting of “cavity searches.”

Besides the police terror epidemic, the murders of Corey Stingley and Bo Morrison are two known vigilante killings over the past two years. The killers of these two Black men were never charged with any crime and are walking free.

Supporters of Dontre are continuing the struggle with various activities, including two upcoming “No Justice, No Compromise” protests at Red Arrow Park (N. Water and E. State streets), in Milwaukee, scheduled for 4 p.m. on Sept. 24 and at 6 p.m. on Sept. 30. A Sept. 26 fundraiser to raise much needed funds for the Coalition For Justice is at 6 p.m. at the Riverwest Public House, 815 E. Locust St., Milwaukee.

Also, a related event, a Black and Brown unity rally and march will take place Sept. 26 at 12:15 p.m. at the Milwaukee Area Technical College.

For more information and updates about the struggle for justice for Dontre Hamilton and other victims of police terror go to: and

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