Top ten climates that need changing

1. The climate of greed that says that making oodles of money is more important than keeping the environment safe for people.

2. The putrid climate in Big Oil boardrooms that allows CEOs to say that fracking is OK because drinking polluted water “tastes better than you think.”

3. The corporate climate that says that while corporations are people, real people can be discarded when their work is “not profitable enough.”

4. The anti-labor, anti-union climate that has dramatically increased the income gap between the 1% and the rest of us.

5. The climate of racism in police departments that says it’s OK for cops to stop and frisk and shoot to kill people of color.

6. The climate of social cutbacks that says that somehow cutting food stamps, health care and unemployment insurance is “actually good for you.”

7. The climate of wishful thinking that somehow the Democratic politicians won’t sell us out to the Republicans “this time.”

8. The climate for the Pentagon to make war, war, war — to bomb Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria; send killer drones to Pakistan; arm Israel in its bloody war against the Palestinians — and make never-ending war to recolonize the world.

9. The divisive climate that pits workers in local communities against environmentalists. We all need good paying, environmentally safe jobs with health care for our families.

10. Another way to protest climate change? Bring all the above climate change issues to the Economic Summit of CEOs at Radio City Music Hall in New York City on Oct. 8.

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