Invitation to Philadelphia Socialism Conference

The following is an invitation to participate in a Workers World conference on socialism in Philadelphia on Sept. 13.

The Philadelphia Branch of Workers World Party invites you to take part in this timely conference which seeks to connect students, workers, community members, activists and revolutionaries from many struggles to discuss their experiences and build the fight for socialism.

Capitalism and its imperialist phase are creating an endless crisis for all of humanity. A tiny group of billionaires rule the world for their own gain while billions of people around the world face a future of devastation from endless U.S. wars, poverty and racism.

The so-called justice system has always been rigged against Black and Brown people. The murder of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., is part of an epidemic of police terror.

From Haiti and Puerto Rico to Palestine and Ukraine, the Pentagon and Wall Street continue to expand their domination of the world — inflating their profit margins while the corporate media conceal their war crimes.

Held back by underfunded schools, high rates of incarceration and low-wage work at fast food restaurants, young adults see no promise in their future.

The 1% recovered from the 2008 economic crisis with an even larger share of the world’s wealth. But for migrant and low-wage workers, public service employees and the unemployed, the “jobless recovery” generated little except part-time work, lower wages, cuts in benefits and austerity for our communities.

What will it take to end these crises?

We invite you to join the discussion on how to build a movement that can tear down the barriers of racism, sexism and bigotry that divide us and connect all the struggles we face into a united movement of the people. Together we can build a new society based not on profits and war, but on economic and social justice for all — that is, a socialist society!

The conference will be held on Saturday, Sept. 13, at the historic Church of the Advocate at 1801 Diamond St., which was home to the 1970 National Convention of the Black Panther Party, as well as a historic center for the Black Liberation struggle in Philadelphia. The conference will open at 10:30 a.m. with speakers and discussions lasting until 4:30 p.m.

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