Anti-fascist center launched in Ukraine

Support Center for Anti-fascists in Ukraine launched in Simferopol, Crimea — Your help is needed!

The objective necessity of a Support Center for Anti-fascists in Ukraine in Simferopol:

Currently, it is extremely difficult for leftist forces opposing fascism in Ukraine to work in the territory controlled by the Kiev government, in particular for the most active left organization — Union Borotba (Struggle). In the cities of the southeast, there were mass arrests of Antimaidan supporters, and today hundreds of people are behind bars. The Security Service of Ukraine now searches and arrests our comrades even for simply posting on social networks (Facebook, Vkontakte), material which is classified as “separatist” propaganda.

Under these conditions, cells of Union Borotba and other left-wing, anti-fascist organizations operate semi-underground. Any prominent leader or organizer immediately becomes the object of reprisals. The organization is now able to work only on the network principle — as a network of small, autonomous groups that direct agitation, propaganda and organization, as well as protect themselves from attacks by neofascist combatants.

Operation of a central leadership of the organization has become impossible in the territory controlled by the Kiev authorities — there is too great a risk of exposure for such a center and for destruction throughout the network.

This situation creates the need for a coordinating center for Borotba and other friendly organizations and leftist groups outside of Kiev government-controlled territory. An example in this respect is the work of the Russian Social-Democrats of the early 20th century to create a center abroad to coordinate the activities of clandestine cells.

Activists involved in the anti-fascist struggle in Ukraine, who risk arrest, torture and even death, need to know that they will not be left without shelter and livelihood if needed, so that they will be able to continue to participate in the struggle for the liberation of Ukraine from the Nazis.

Subjective conditions of the Support Center for Anti-fascists in Ukraine in Simferopol:

Due to repression by the Kiev authorities against Union Borotba and other left-wing and patriotic organizations, many activists were forced to leave the territory of Ukraine. Currently, about 20 members of Union Borotba from Odessa, Dnepropetrovsk, Kiev and other cities, who left Ukraine under threat of arrest or violence, are in the Republic of Crimea in Simferopol. There are also representatives of other leftist groups that fled Ukraine.

For now, emigrant anti-fascists have only their own scarce resources for rent and other necessities; they do not have jobs or other sources of income. At the same time, our comrades do not want to become refugees and receive Russian citizenship — we want to return to Ukraine and defeat the neofascist regime.

Union Borotba, under the direction of Odessa Regional Council Deputy Alexei Albu and Coordinator Victor Shapinov, has already started work on coordinating Borotba and other left-wing forces within Ukraine. From July 5 to 8, the first school for political activists was held near Simferopol, which was attended by 30 people who left Ukraine.

Tasks of the Support Center for Anti-fascists in Ukraine:

1. Coordination and management of the cells of Borotba and friendly leftist organizations.

2. Ensuring secure communication channels and delivery of funds for anti-fascists in Ukraine.

3. Training new political activists who came to the resistance movement in the wake of the Antimaidan protests. Creating a cadre of powerful left-wing political forces, which will be an essential element of the political system of the new Ukraine, liberated from fascism.

4. Creating a press center of left and anti-fascist forces in Ukraine to inform the public about the fight on the territory controlled by the Kiev authorities.

5. Creating promotional materials (leaflets, videos, etc.) for use by the left and anti-fascist forces within Ukraine. Maintaining a constant videoblog for leftist forces of Ukraine, expandable to a full-fledged online channel.

6. Translation of materials of the anti-fascist resistance to foreign languages. Spreading global awareness of the fight by the anti-fascist forces of Ukraine. Dissemination of accurate information about the repression and killings of activists.

7. Maintaining a register of crimes and human rights violations by the Kiev government and its controlled ultraright units.

8. Liaison between the leftist forces in Ukraine and worldwide.

9. Ensuring evacuation of Ukrainian comrades who risk persecution or violence where they live and work.

We, the representatives of the Support Center for Anti-fascists in Ukraine appeal to all progressive movements and organizations as well as individual activists for help. Any, even the most modest, help would be greatly appreciated by the Ukrainian anti-fascist emigrants.

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