Letter to the Editor: Another pro-abortion-rights movie

June 20, 2014

Dear Editor,

In her article “Obvious Child” about abortion and films, Sue Davis overlooked a great film with a powerful pro-abortion plot, “Dirty Dancing.” The 1987 popular movie showed a dancer getting an abortion without being blamed or maimed. In fact the two main characters and other friends pull together to help the dancer get the abortion without jeopardizing her job. Then a major character in the film, the straight-laced doctor dad of the star, provides medical care to the dancer after her illegal abortion goes bad. Again the doc never blames the woman, only the man he assumes got her pregnant.

Such a supportive community for a woman getting an abortion was not only a mass media miracle, but a wonderful example of how a community can come together.

Pat Gowens

Director, Welfare Warriors, Fighting for the lives of mothers and children in poverty since 1986

A review of “‘Obvious Child’ a breakthrough on abortion rights” by reproductive justice activist Sue Davis can be found at workers.org or in the June 26 print edition of WW.

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