Thousands in Ukraine protest Kiev regime

Mass rally in Kharkiv against right-wing junta.Photo: Borotba

Mass rally in Kharkiv against right-wing junta.
Photo: Borotba

As reported by the Union Borotba (Struggle), a mass protest took place on the March 8 International Women’s Day holiday in Kharkiv city center in the eastern Ukraine. Many of the thousands carried red flags and gathered near the monument to Lenin, “which we managed to protect from the Nazis during recent rallies.”

Borotba describes itself as representing four or five anti-capitalist and anti-racist groups, including former members of the youth organization of the Communist Party of Ukraine.

Participants denounced the new Kiev regime as representing a collaboration of the oligarchs and Nazis who, unable to cope with the socioeconomic crisis looming in Ukraine, are trying to dump the costs onto the majority of working people.

The speakers also opposed war within Ukraine, arguing that workers in western Ukraine are not their enemies. They attacked the Kiev right-wing junta for trying to “bang their heads” against the people living in the southeast of the country.

Borotba reported that the Kiev regime had sent political police to Kharkiv who tried to intimidate printers from printing leaflets against the coup “government.” They were printed anyway.

For more information on the protest or on the Borotba program, see a longer article online at or the English section of

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