Say no to another war!

The International Action Center has put out a call for a week of actions regarding Ukraine, lasting from March 10 to 17. We wholeheartedly endorse this call and encourage all our readers to take part in whatever way you can.

The U.S. government has engineered the downfall of the Ukrainian government in a coup spearheaded by known fascist groups. It is now attempting to maneuver NATO forces into the situation. If it is not stopped, this latest imperialist aggression can have the direst consequences for the region and the world.

Whether you’re a worker struggling for a living wage, a person fighting racist or sexist abuse, or a youth trying to get a job or an education, you will be affected by this — just as previous generations were so terribly hit by the Korean War, Vietnam War, the Iraq War, the Afghanistan War and the many other atrocities that the profit-hungry rulers of this country dragged us into, from Yugoslavia to Libya.

The IAC call says in part:

“The threat is real. Sanctions, war buildup, warships with guided missiles to the Black Sea, F-15 fighter jets on Russia’s border are dangerous provocations. Washington has recognized and committed more than $10 billion to an illegal right-wing government that seized power from elected officials.

“Actions large and small are urgently needed — informational picket lines, visits to congressional offices, protests at media centers against war propaganda, vigils, and challenges to government officials. Let’s make our voices heard.”

As of this writing (March 11), actions have already happened or been scheduled in scores of cities across the country. We urge you to find a way to participate in some of them. For a list of already scheduled events and info about what else you can do, see or go to

Let the world know that the people here won’t be lied into another dirty war!

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