Venezuela to face food sabotage

Caracas, Nov. 4 — Tribuna Popular TP. – The Political Bureau of the Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV) today denounced the opposition, who, together with businessmen and phony trade unionists, plans to carry out a new offensive, both economic and using counterrevolutionary violence, against the Venezuelan people. Their objective is to destabilize the country on the eve of the municipal elections of Dec. 8.

Parliamentary Deputy Yul Jabour, a member of the leadership of the PCV, announced this latest development at a press conference this morning.

“Through our party organizations and from our members we have obtained information that certain groupings who get their orders from imperialism, linked to large food companies, beginning next week will no longer distribute food items in this country,” reported the leader.

The PCV asserts that the rightwing opposition is seeking to exacerbate the economic problems in the country with the goal of canceling municipal elections next Dec. 8.

Jabour also denounced the participation of sectors of the construction industry and opposition trade union leaders in the destabilization plan, which is aiming for a high level of conflict on the election days.

The bosses “have been working with union leaders linked to the opposition, including Marcela Máspero, Orlando Chirino and representatives of the CTV [Confederación de Trabajadores de Venezuela], to carry out a stoppage of business,” added the Communist leader.

Jabour clarified that not all work stoppages are part of a plan for a coup, but that these specific leaders are working within that conspiratorial plan.

The PCV called on the Venezuelan people and the workers to strengthen ties with revolutionary political forces to foil the plan for destabilization and achieve a resounding victory in the upcoming municipal elections.

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