An invitation to the Workers World Party National Conference

What will it take to defeat dead-end capitalism?

Dear sisters and brothers,

There is a big change taking place in the United States this year. It has not yet been seen in mass outbreaks of struggle. But it is there. You can almost feel it, breathe it in the air. It is a growing change in the consciousness of the working class. It is especially strong among its most impoverished and oppressed sectors, including immigrants, but it is everywhere.

There is:

  •  A growing resentment of the very rich, the only ones to benefit from the so-called recovery.
  • A feeling that the capitalist, profit-driven system has run up against a brick wall and will not, cannot provide a real, lasting solution to the growing poverty felt by more and more people.
  • A disgust with the politicians of both wings of the capitalist parties — Republican and Democratic alike. They are seen as part of the problem, not part of the solution.
  • A distrust of the state apparatus — the police, the prisons, the courts — who bring repression and abet corruption, and the Pentagon’s military adventurism that sows death, destruction, occupations abroad and wastes the wealth created by the multinational working class. The mass revulsion against a new war against Syria is evidence of this.
  • A growing conviction that only by resisting can the unions reverse the decline of the standard of living of working people and its memberships.

But this deep, underground change can only make a difference if (1) a revolutionary, pro-worker ideology that can be best described in one word — Leninist — is brought to the people who are looking for answers and (2) if a communist party is able to intervene in current and future struggles. Workers World Party will be discussing how to do this at its Nov. 16-17 national conference at the Community Center, 134 W. 29th St. in New York City.

WWP has already begun helpful intervention in:

  • Mobilizing to fight for a $15 per hour minimum wage for underpaid workers.
  • A tribunal in Detroit to fight the takeover by the banks and against austerity cutbacks from foreclosures to food stamps to health care.
  •  Defending Boston school bus drivers whose militant and anti-racist union leadership is under vicious attack from the global monopoly VEOLIA, the city administration’s red-baiting and big business media.
  • Mobilizing against the racist war of police and vigilante killings targeting youth of color —Trayvon Martin, and so many others. Self-determination for all oppressed peoples and nations.
  • Condemning the unjust incarcerations of Marissa Alexander and CeCe McDonald who defended themselves against domestic violence and anti-LGBTQ attacks, respectively.
  • Demanding freedom for political prisoners Mumia Abu-Jamal, Lynne Stewart, the Cuban Five, Oscar Lopez Rivera and Leonard Peltier, and others.
  • Building Peoples Power/Workers Assemblies to give an independent, fightback expression to all struggles.
  • Playing a key role in the demonstrations against a new war against Syria, while upholding a strong anti-imperialist view.

Showing by propaganda and in the streets that capitalism is at a dead end and only a revolutionary system that challenges the capitalist system and leads toward socialism provides a way out.  If you agree with this view or if you have burning questions, please attend the WWP conference. There will be plenaries, discussion groups and open mike sessions. Two special workshops will be held — one for youth and students led by Fight Imperialism, Stand Together activists and another for people with disabilities.

We hope to see you on Nov. 16-17.

In solidarity,

Monica Moorehead                   Eva Panjwani        John Catalinotto
WWP Secretariat member       FIST organizer      WW managing editor

P.S. Your support is needed to donate to help with the conference expenses: hall rental, sound system, child care, food, transportation and more.  Go to to download the conference flyer in English and Spanish, register, contribute, and get schedule and updates.




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