Stop the war on Black America: Justice for Trayvon Martin!

The following statement was issued on July 14 by Black Workers for Justice based in North Carolina.

The not guilty ruling of George Zimmerman, the white supremacist murderer of Trayvon Martin, is a crime against humanity upheld by the courts.

It sends a message made by the Dred Scott Act that a Black person has no rights that whites and the courts are bound to respect.

What kind of democracy is this where right-wing legislatures in N.C. and other states can attack basic democratic rights, and courts find not guilty a killer who stalked and murdered an unarmed Black youth after being told by a police dispatcher to stand down? This is a violation of human rights!

We must hold people’s courts throughout the country to try Zimmerman and the court that found him not guilty. These people’s courts must be part of a movement to bring this crime against humanity, along with the crimes by white supremacists and the police murder against Black people, to the United Nations charging the U.S. with genocide.

In North Carolina, we must bring this crime against humanity to the Moral Mondays, demanding justice for Trayvon. This injustice and the ruling of the court represent the immorality of a racist, exploitive and divisive system that must be radically transformed by the power of the people.

While we must use the courts, we must not place our faith in the courts to bring about justice. These killings and human rights violations must begin to see workers staying home from work, students from school and politicians in the streets to mobilize people’s power.

People should wear Black tomorrow at Moral Monday to work and wherever you are.

We must stand our ground against injustice and violations of human rights.

Forward Together: Not One Step Back

Black Workers For Justice

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