Workers World Party launches new website

Workers World Party is pleased to unveil its new website, This site features a variety of interesting and engaging materials, all from the perspective of a fighting, Marxist-Leninist, internationalist, working-class party that defends self-determination for oppressed peoples.

Articles on the site include the history of Workers World Party and its role in the fight against racism and national oppression; against sexism and women’s oppression; against homophobia and lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer oppression; against imperialist war and intervention; and more.

There is a section dedicated to political educational materials that contains videos and presentations on subjects ranging from Marxism and the environment to a commemoration of the Vietnamese struggle for liberation and their historic victory over U.S. imperialism, as well as selections from the party’s own Marxist School of Theory and Struggle.

Each of the many Workers World Party branches throughout the country will have a section of the site where they will highlight the struggles particular to their area, promote local actions and events and post local political analysis. Site designer Ben Carroll from Durham, N.C., stated, “We want this site to show the breadth and depth of our Party’s work and our commitment to the revolutionary struggle.”

Site designers also stressed that the site will be growing beyond the content that is available at the time of this initial launch. It will include historical Party documents, pamphlets and publications, many of which will be available in eBook form for downloading to eReader devices like smartphones, Nooks and Kindles. A historical picture gallery spanning the party’s 50+ years is also planned.

If you want to know more about how Workers World is building a workers’ party that is dedicated to global solidarity and unity, organizing militant resistance in the many struggles, and does not hesitate to work with others to build the broadest mass actions possible, independent from the Democrats and Republicans, while promoting the struggle for socialism, visit the new site at  You can also learn how to join Workers World Party on this website.

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