Livable wage assembly launches fight for $15 campaign starting with May Day action

Inspired by the struggles of low-wage workers in Chicago and New York, the Livable Wage Assembly in Oakland has launched a “Fight for $15” campaign here. The assembly originated from the previous Occupy Oakland Labor Solidarity Committee. Organizers hope to enable the struggle of low-wage workers to challenge their bosses for a livable wage.

The “Fight for $15” assemblies have been meeting twice a week to organize an action to highlight the campaign on May Day. The assembly plans to rally, march and carry out a noise demonstration throughout downtown Oakland. The noise demo will focus on companies like McDonalds, Walgreens, Rite-Aid, Taco Bell and a host of other chains in the downtown area.

Oakland airport workers, organized by UNITE HERE Local 2850, have been struggling for better pay, working conditions and union recognition for a number of fast-food chains in the airport, such as Subway and Jamba Juice. Our Walmart is also working to organize East Bay area Walmart workers. The “Fight for $15” campaign is the newest front in the struggle for livable wages in Oakland.

According to their flier: “With the cost of rent driven up by gentrification, plus childcare, health care and other bills, $8/hour is not enough to survive in Oakland! Mayor Jean Quan says Oakland is ‘rising’ but the lowest paid workers, who are more likely to be people of color and women, are left behind.”

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