‘Marxist School of Theory and Struggle’ draws many activists

A Marxist School of Theory and Struggle was hosted by Workers World Party in Detroit the weekend of Oct. 20-21. More than 50 people of diverse ages, genders, sexual orientations and nationalities attended some or all of the many classes and discussions.

The school drew activists from the Detroit area, as well as from Chicago; Rockford, Ill.; Cleveland; Green Bay, Wis.; and Toronto, Canada. Modern technology allowed participation throughout the weekend by groups in San Francisco, West Virginia, Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and elsewhere.

Six classes were given on subjects of interest to activists involved in many different struggles. The topics included the basics of Marxism; WWP’s theory of the Global Class War; a Marxist understanding of women’s and lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer oppression; the national question and the fight against racism; the theory and application of Trotsky’s “transitional program” in the era of low-wage capitalism; and the Marxist theory of the state.

The panels presenting at each class included both long-time Workers World Party members along with younger, but no less articulate, revolutionaries. Each class included time for extensive questions and comments.

A highlight of the weekend was a Saturday evening public meeting featuring WWP First Secretary Larry Holmes, who gave a revolutionary perspective on the coming struggle after the elections.

The participation of a large number of youth activists, both in attending and presenting the classes, reflected the growing interest among young people in revolutionary ideology as a guide to struggle against this decaying capitalist system.

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