‘This is what solidarity looks like!’

Leslie Feinberg: Open call to submit photos for multimedia dedication to CeCe McDonald

Sept. 19, 2012

Dear friends and activists in the struggle,

I am dedicating the 20th-anniversary author edition of “Stone Butch Blues” to CeCe McDonald and the ever growing struggle to free her.

For more information, explore: supportcece.­wordpress.com.

I thank the small team of wonderful individuals who are helping me do the work required to publish my novel, without profit, under author copyright.

I expect to go to trial in Minneapolis in mid-­December on a charge resulting from my demonstration of ­solidarity with CeCe on June 4.

In the months until then, I will be circulating a message to photographers who have made photographs that show the demand to free CeCe McDonald.

A link has been set up at for downloading and sending out the permission form at iacenter.org/lgbt/­cecemcdonaldpictures. Please forgive me for what will be “form letters” even to beloved friends/activists.

I can’t pay for photo use, but I do promise to show my respect for your labor and your permission in photo credits.

If you’ve made — or make — a photograph in solidarity with the struggle to free CeCe, please send me your photo/s with a filled-out permission form via social media.

Donate/make/send photo(s) for a slide showof individuals, groups and street art in solidarity with the struggle to free CeCe McDonald! in the multimedia dedication to FREE CECE NOW!

I will include as many photos as I can in an online slide show, to be part of a multimedia dedication to free CeCe McDonald in the digital online 20th anniversary author’s edition of “Stone Butch Blues.”

The dedication to CeCe’s slide show will be titled: “This is what solidarity looks like!”

I can’t get back to individuals before trial but if you send the photos/permissions to [email protected] or via social media, I’ll organize them when I can return home!

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