What’s happening in Ecuador?

New York — Latin American immigrants and other activists attended a meeting at the Solidarity Center in New York City on the revolutionary process unfolding in Ecuador. The International Action Center’s Latin America-Caribbean Solidarity Committee hosted the Oct. 13 bilingual meeting.

Members of the Alianza PAIS (Patria Altiva I Soberana; Proud and Sovereign Nation Alliance) de Ecuador used power-point projections and videos to support their talks. They explained the history of the struggle in Ecuador, recent advances and plans for the future. President Rafael Correa founded the Alianza PAIS in 2006; its stated goal is to transform Ecuador so it represents “socialism of the 21st century” and is in harmony with nature and protective of this Amazonian country’s unique biodiversity.

In the spirit of Latin American solidarity, the meeting was chaired by a member of Honduras USA Resistencia, and an update on the recent reelection of Pres. Hugo Chavez was given by a member of the New York Bolivarian Circle “Alberto Lovera.” The photo shows the speakers and part of the audience.

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