Minneapolis activists demonstrate: ‘You can fight City Hall!’

WW photo: Minnie Bruce Pratt

Minneapolis — Activists rallied against state repression at a lunchtime protest at Minneapolis City Hall on Sept. 13. Demonstrators gathered in solidarity with Northwest and Midwest grand jury resisters and Occupy Homes MN organizers.

Many of the activists there have demonstrated support for the struggle to free CeCe McDonald over the last year. Several planned to take part in a motorcycle “swarm” for a group visit with CeCe McDonald in St. Cloud, Minn., where she is incarcerated.

Two activists had traveled to Minneapolis from Anoka, Minn., where they work to support lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and queer teenagers resisting ultraright-wing bullying. (justinsgift.org/)

Noted transgender author and activist, Leslie Feinberg, who faces charges for an act of solidarity with Cece McDonald, came to the rally to demonstrate solidarity with anti-foreclosure activists and grand jury resisters.

Drop all charges against Occupy Homes

Occupy Homes MN’s website explains: “On May 30, fifteen community supporters were peacefully arrested at the foreclosed Cruz family home as many linked arms and sat on the front stoop. Though they were originally charged with trespassing, the city decided to escalate the charges. Fourteen of the protesters arrested that day, as well as another arrested during a 4 a.m. raid on the Cruz family’s home, now face charges of third-degree riot, a gross misdemeanor, along with four other misdemeanors, which carry a total sentence of up to 2 years in prison and a $7,000 fine.

“Occupy Homes MN’s defense of the Cruz home made headlines around the country this spring after protesters repeatedly fended off sheriffs and police who came to evict the home; the Cruz family traveled to PNC Bank headquarters in Pittsburgh to renegotiate their loan in person; the city of Minneapolis spent over $42,000 on police forces at the Cruz home; and 37 people were arrested in acts of civil disobedience, including hip-hop artist Brother Ali.”

Activists demand the dropping of all charges, and “that all police who used violence in the course of these evictions, including Chief Tim Dolan, who was photographed stepping on peaceful protesters, be formally disciplined; and that no more public resources be used to carry out evictions.” (occupyhomesmn.org)

Donations for legal defense of activists who were arrested for defending the Cruz home can be made at: wepay.com/occupyhomesmn. For more information on this struggle, see youtube.com/watch?v=c_6Kz8MIpns.

Solidarity with grand jury resisters!

The Solidarity Against State Repression page on Facebook stresses: “From the Midwest to the Northwest, let’s create a culture of resistance by showing solidarity with those who have their backs against the wall. A federal grand jury has convened in Seattle and already four people in the Pacific Northwest have been subpoenaed to testify against their comrades. The subpoenaed comrades have boldly refused to cooperate with the grand jury, potentially facing jail time for doing so.” See saynothing.noblogs.org and nopoliticalrepression.wordpress.com for more information on Northwest grand jury resistance.

Midwest activists are organizing a National Call-In Day to End the Investigation of Activists. That event’s Facebook page notes: “Two years after the Sept. 24, 2010, FBI raids and grand jury repression that targeted 23 Midwest anti-war, Palestinian and international solidarity activists, the Committee to Stop FBI Repression is urging activists around the country to take action. Two years is enough! It is time for the Chicago U.S. Attorney’s office to say, once and for all, that this investigation is over.”

Activists urge progressive forces to organize protests and events on the week of Sept. 20-26. They ask supporters to call Assistant U.S. Attorney Barry Jonas at 312-353-5300 ext. 68027 and tell him to “End the investigation of anti-war andinternational solidarity activists.” See stopfbi.net for more information.

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