Protest in Germany defends Syria, hits NATO


On Sept. 1, a broad coalition of people from German, Syrian and Turkish progressive and patriotic groups in Frankfurt, Germany, protested the aggressive intervention of NATO countries and Arab monarchies against Syria. Several thousand joined the protest, answering the call of the Frankfurt Solidarity Committees for Syria to march through the city center on the day the German peace movement commemorates as World Peace Day.

In Germany, as in the U.S. and other NATO countries, an avalanche of propaganda in the corporate media has demonized the Syrian government. It is thus all the more important that the Frankfurt committees stood against this pressure.

Although a small group of opponents of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad tried to provoke the marchers, the demonstrationproceeded without disruption. It ended with speeches and live music at an exciting final rally at Römerberg Square, where Frankfurt’s town hall is located. “Sign at right reads “Non-violent solution for Syria.”

— Report by Cathrin Schütz from Frankfurt

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