Why you should join the ‘11%’

A revolutionary youth’s perspective

Are the seeds of a communist revolution sprouting up around us?

The fury of the youth at Occupy Wall Street, the fearlessness of public workers in Wisconsin and Ohio, the national revulsion against the racist lynching of Trayvon Martin, the overwhelming rejection of right-wing attacks on women’s rights, the huge protests against NATO in Chicago, the recent victories in the struggle for lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender/queer liberation, the mass mobilizations countering the Republican and Democratic conventions — these are all signs of bigger, better things ahead.

The 99% are in a fighting mood. Elections, police repression and the usual bag of tricks used to slow us down are not working.

Rasmussen is a highly respected polling agency, employed by the wealthy ruling elite to gauge public opinion. Last year, it conducted a poll whose results certainly made the super-rich tremble: 11 percent of people in the United States believe that communism is “morally superior” to capitalism.

The U.S. ruling class has nurtured one of the most right-wing ideologies of all the imperialist countries. Why would a section of the population — which is constantly deluged with anti-communist propaganda — hold this type of opinion?

Millions of workers have lost their jobs. Millions of homes have been foreclosed. Youth face astronomical costs for education and little chance of finding decent employment. Racist terror and repression are on the rise. The drive for wider wars continues, while programs serving human need are being cut without mercy.

Amidst all this suffering, the ultra-wealthy 1% sits on top of trillions of dollars while the capitalist system leaves the world in poverty. The planet is heating up, and toxic pollution means almost nothing on Earth is poison-free.

Naturally, amid all these problems, some people in the U.S. are coming to understand that there is something wrong with a system where profits are in command.

Worsening conditions, growing consciousness

Communism represents the obvious answer.

Communism means that banks, giant farms, factories, oil wells and big box stores will be held in common by those who work in them. People’s power will own and control the “commanding heights” of the economy. A new government based in community and working-class organizations will replace the current capitalist state.

Communism means that the prison system will be torn down. Racist cops will face justice at the hands of the people. Jobs, health care, education and a higher level of human freedom will be guaranteed to all people.

This vision is what Karl Marx called “the first stage of Communism.” It is also called socialism.

The Rasmussen poll indicated that to millions of people in the U.S., this sounds great. The fact that 11 percent of the population supports communism is a big step forward.

These millions must now be brought together and organized. With coordination, discipline and determination we can push toward a historic victory. We can abolish capitalism, seize power and began constructing a socialist and communist future, right here in what is now the center of world imperialism.

Workers World Party calls on all those who are ready for battle to join us. If you are part of the 11 percent, you belong in a fighting Marxist-Leninist organization! Together we can fight so the 99% rule and the 1% is driven out!

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