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Veterans expose Bank of America scam

Published Nov 16, 2011 9:25 PM

On Nov. 11, Occupy Atlanta served a hearty meal in Troy Davis Park to veterans, most of them homeless. Several of the most active participants here are former military members, from the Vietnam War-era to recently returned Iraq and Afghanistan vets. After a speak-out at which veterans talked about their experiences fighting in imperialist wars — how they were misled then and continue now to be given false promises of health care, education, job training and other benefits — Occupy Atlanta took to the streets.

The target was a nearby Bank of America. BOA is among the banks which had been overcharging military members and their families with hidden and illegal fees in an egregious scam involving home refinancing. Although the bank was closed for the holiday, the protest “closed” it in the name of the people by swinging shut the big metal gates that adorn the imposing entrance and double-locking them. Over the Bank of America sign high atop the doorway, a banner read “Foreclosed.” The message was repeated  in large letters on a sheet covering the now-secured gates, “We the People Foreclose.”