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Women inspire many movements, past and present

Published Aug 13, 2010 10:35 AM

A historic women’s conference will take place in Montreal from Aug. 13 to 16. Called by the Committee of Women of Diverse Origins, the first Montreal International Women’s Conference will bring together an estimated 200 women and male supporters from at least 19 countries under the main theme of “Building a Global Militant Women’s Movement in the 21st Century.”

The purposes of the conferences are to elevate as many social issues and struggles that link women together worldwide; to commemorate the centennial of International Working Women’s Day, March 8; and to build an International Women’s Alliance. Along with the CWDO, co-conveners of the conference include GABRIELA Philippines, Asian Rural Women’s Network and Action Network for Marriage Migrants Rights and Empowerment.

Women will be traveling from their home countries, including Philippines, Sri Lanka, Iran, Palestine, Pakistan, Mexico, Ecuador and Mali. A U.S. delegation will also attend led by Filipinas for Rights and Empowerment. Women’s Fightback Network members will be speaking on plenary and workshop panels. Workers World Party and Fight Imperialism, Stand Together representatives will also attend. WW will be reporting on the conference in upcoming issues.

Tess Tesalona, a conference coordinator, stated in an Aug. 6 press release: “The fact that this conference will happen is a statement of resistance. The initiative and commitment of our sisters around the world is what is driving this process of coming together. We see how important it is to build an alliance and work together. One hundred years after the declaration of the first International Women’s Day, we are still making the same demands. How do we move forward? What kind of society do we want to build? That’s what we’re here to discuss together.”

The conference will take place at 7400 Boulevard St-Laurent next to the de Castelnau Metro. For more information visit www.miwc2010.org.