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National Network on Cuba condemns FBI actions

Published Oct 6, 2010 4:53 PM

The National Network on Cuba protests the ... FBI raids on the homes and offices of international solidarity and anti-war activists in Chicago and Minneapolis. The justification was an attempt to collect evidence of “material support” of terrorism. ...

At the same time that the FBI is harassing anti-war activists, it refuses to investigate, and, in fact, is supporting and protecting the terrorists who have been attacking the sovereign Cuban nation for 50 years. These international terrorists include Luis Posada Carriles, who is responsible for the 1976 bombing of a civilian Cuban flight [killing] all 73 aboard. Posada brazenly walks the streets of Miami along with fellow terrorist Orlando Bosch, bragging of their criminal history and with no worry of FBI intervention.

These raids represent a threat to those, including Cuba solidarity activists, who demand their First Amendment rights. The dangerous practice of targeting activists under the pretext of preventing terrorism must not be allowed to continue. We must all defend our civil rights to engage in peace, justice and solidarity actions. We urge protests and condemnation of the FBI abuse of power.