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Prisoner praises ‘Low-Wage Capitalism’

Published May 13, 2009 2:43 PM

Mosi O. Paki is a prisoner in Lebanon Correctional Institution in Youngstown, Ohio. He has been there in solitary confinement since 1996. Paki was a prisoner at the Lucasville, Ohio, prison during an uprising there in 1993 and did not participate in the uprising. Nevertheless, he was framed up by prison authorities for the murder of a prison guard. He was accused by two prisoners who were threatened with the death penalty. Both prisoners have subsequently recanted their testimony in writing. Paki was never tried in a court of law but simply convicted by the prison authorities at a prison hearing. He considers himself a political prisoner of war (PPOW). He is fighting for his freedom and more information about his case will be published in these pages soon.

Paki’s letter is addressed to Fred Goldstein, author of “Low-Wage Capitalism.”

Dear Brother Fred,

Early in December I received your autographed copy of “Low-Wage Capitalism.” I wanted to personally thank you for this very informative book that is a must-read for conscious and unconscious people in the U.S. It is like your articles in Workers World newspaper. It hits home the truth about the ills of capitalism and its branch of imperialism, these recession years and this undeclared depression we are entering.

Those I’ve shared your book with can’t stop talking about their awakening. Hopefully they will get their own copies to share with others as well. Thanks again, Brother Fred.

In Solidarity in the Struggle,

Mosi O. Paki