China has become vulnerable to trends in the worldwide capitalist system since it allowed market mechanisms to coexist alongside state-owned industries.... Posted Nov 16, 2008

As the lame-hawk Bush administration finishes its last four months, Washington has accelerated its efforts to overthrow the most progressive elected Latin American governments. ... Posted Sep 26, 2008

Chinese athletes, children, artists and choreographers, 15,000 performers and an abundant display of new technology since the opening of the Beijing Olympics have stunned billions of people around the world. The transnational imperialist-dominated media have left most people unaware of the tremendous progress made in the world’s most populous country since the earthshaking revolution led by Mao Zedong’s Communist Party in 1949, less than 60 years ago.... Posted Aug 20, 2008

Natural calamities have a social and political component. The Chinese government’s ability to minimize what are sure to be enormous casualties will impact on the world scene.... Posted May 15, 2008

An April 28 Washington Post editorial grudgingly admits the Cuban economy is growing and life for Cuban workers is improving.... Posted May 1, 2008

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