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Iraqi resistance sends message to U.S. GIs

Published Oct 24, 2007 10:16 PM

Abu Muhammed, who signed the message below, is a spokesperson for both the post-invasion Ba’ath Party in Iraq and for one of the coalitions that make up the Iraqi resistance, and whose formation was announced Oct. 2. Workers World published an interview in English with Abu Muhammed in our Oct. 25 issue; it appears in Spanish in this issue. There are other coalitions in the Iraqi resistance that also group thousands of resistance fighters. This new message recognizes the growing dissent among U.S. troops regarding the occupation. WW has learned of a similar message disseminated by the organization known as the 1920 Brigades, which is in a different coalition.

To all U.S. Army officers and service women and men in Iraq:

You must be aware now that all that your president and his aides told you before pushing you into the Iraqi inferno proved untrue.

Iraq had no links whatsoever to the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks and terrorists.

Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction.

Iraq had not harmed U.S. citizens and interests.

When you came as invaders, the Iraqi population did not receive you with flowers and candy but with bullets and bombs. Your fight in Iraq has not been an easy and short one but a lingering bloody and costly nightmare. Many of your mates were sent back to their loved ones in coffins or in wheelchairs or with psychological illnesses and disturbances.

Now what are you fighting for?

Why are you making these sacrifices and facing all these hardships?

To keep Bush, Cheney, Rice and the war party in office?

To help big U.S.-based companies such as Halliburton (headed previously by your Vice President Richard Cheney) make billions of dollars in profits?

To keep fighting until you will be thrown out of Iraq in a humiliating defeat?

We, Iraqi mujahideen (freedom fighters), have no quarrel with Americans. We have no hatred against Americans. But we will keep fighting you, as invaders and occupiers of our land, until we crush your army and the mercenaries. We will soon force a repeat of the humiliating U.S. Saigon Embassy desperate escape scene. This is why we ask you:

End your participation in this shameful lost war.

Put down your gun and leave.

Do not shoot at Iraqi freedom fighters or Iraqi population.

Speak up against this shameful bloody war.

Reject orders of your criminal commanders to kill Iraqis.

Run away for your life.

We, Iraqi mujahideen will soon close in on your unit. There is no way out for you but surrender to us.

We promise to save your life and help you go home to your loved ones.

Abu Muhammed
Political representative of the Ba’ath Party and the Iraqi National, Pan-Arab and Islamic Front
Baghdad, Iraq
October 2007