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New Peoples Army recognizes same-sex marriage

Published Feb 17, 2005 11:23 PM

On Feb. 4, the New People's Army (NPA) conducted the first same-sex marriage in the Philippines. Two guerrilla fighters who have participated in the armed struggle against the pro-U.S. regime in Manila, Ka Andres and Ka Jose, exchanged their vows before their comrades, friends and local villagers.

The ceremony was full of symbolic imagery of the two comrades' commitment to each other as members of a couple, as well as their commitment to the revolutionary struggle. The two men held each other's hand throughout the wedding, and a bullet in the other as a representation of their commitment to the armed struggle.

During the ceremony, Ka Andres and Ka Jose were draped in a sequined flag of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP), which was secured by a long, beaded rope around the couple and their sponsors. The rope and flag, according to the Philippine Daily Inquirer, symbolized that their marriage would be made stronger with the help of both their comrades and the masses.

NPA comrades hold
first same-sex wedding.

A choir of the New People's Army serena ded the couple with revolutionary love songs.

In response to the marriage, representatives of the Philippine government have condemned the NPA for lacking religion. A spokesperson for the Air Force generals told reporters, "This proves that they have no god and their morality is very much in question."

Although proposals in support of same-sex marriage have been introduced several times to the Philippine legislature, none have passed so far.

The Progressive Organization of Gays (ProGay) responded to the NPA marriage with a challenge to the administration of President Gloria Macagapal Arroyo to enact legislation that would formalize equal rights for lesbian and gay Filipinos.

Michael Falguera, secretary general of Pro Gay, said, "Instead of branding homosexual marriages as immoral, the government should be taking steps to follow the example of the NPA by legalizing domestic partnerships and honoring gay families."

Speaking on gays in the NPA, newlywed Ka Andres said, "Gay cadres adhere to the strong party discipline. They enhance the prestige of gays in the movement. This has gained positive results through the years. Comrades (male and female) and even the masses have learned to respect and recognize gays and their contribution to the revolution."

Ka Jose said, "What we have to do now--with the help of the party--is to work on our marriage and to be strong while serving the people."