What is WWP?

Workers World Party was formed in 1959, the same year as the Cuban Revolution. We are a Marxist/Leninist revolutionary socialist party that believes the working class and the oppressed are agents of change. With global unity and solidarity of people’s movements against imperialism, capitalist exploitation, racism and all forms of oppression, a new world can be created: a socialist order. The only thing that can save humanity at this critical juncture is worldwide revolution, with the goal of abolishing capitalism.

We fight for socialism. Socialism means the workers, the oppressed communities, students and youth take over the economy and run it in a planned way for human need and not profit. Socialism means that quality health care, housing, education and jobs are fundamental human rights. Socialism means getting rid altogether of the banks, the capitalists, the exploitation of workers and all forms of oppression. Socialism means an end to borders between working people and international solidarity, not endless war and intervention. Nothing short of socialist revolution will do.

So why run? The Moorehead/Lilly campaign is not about elections, because elections under capitalism never change anything substantial. It’s not about fake promises to offer slightly more crumbs to workers and the oppressed. It’s about organizing to change the whole system. It’s about reaching out to workers, young people, the oppressed communities across the country to say: Join us in the biggest, most important campaign of all. The campaign for a revolutionary socialist future.

Our ideas for the future are very different from those of candidates who talk about “democratic socialism. They’re for leaving capitalism, with its inherent racism, oppression and exploitation, in place. We fight instead to overturn capitalism root and branch and replace it with a planned economy run by the people. People’s power.

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