Workers and oppressed peoples of the world unite!


U.S. out of Syria, Yemen, Iraq!

WWP candidate: ‘Elections are rigged on behalf of billionaire ruling class

♦  Trump, Obama, Clinton and the fight to end sexism

Victory to the HUDS workers of Local 26 on strike!

No borders in the workers’ struggle!

Full Solidarity with the rebellion in Charlotte!

Free Rev. Edward Pinkney!

#NoDAPL! Stop Dakota Pipeline! Defend Standing Rock!

In the spirit of Attica uprising, stand in solidarity with Sept 9 prisoner strike!

Moorehead/Lilly Statement to the Peace and Freedom Party Convention

Open Letter to the Movement at the Democratic National Convention

♦ Stop Washington’s aggression! | Download the leaflet

♦ Wall Street calls the shots at DNC: Protests rock convention | Download the leaflet

♦ Black and Brown unity: A powerful force | Download the leaflet

♦ Defend Black Lives Matter! End the Police War on Black & Brown People! | Download the leaflet

♦ An appeal to Black Athletes: Boycott the Olympics Until Black Lives Matter!

♦ An open letter to our friends and comrades in the Bernie Sanders movement

♦ Union locals adopt pro-BDS stance to aid Palestine | Download the leaflet

♦ California election: Tens of thousands vote ‘socialist for Senate’

♦ WWP candidates say: Solidarity with LGBTQ people! Smash capitalism, racism, and Islamophobia!

♦ Stop the attacks on trans people! LGBTQ liberation now!

♦ Muhammad Ali’s legacy: He ‘shook the world’

♦ Black Lives Matter, the elections, and self-determination

♦ Migrant upsurge & May Day

♦ Long live International Workers Day!

♦ WWP campaign solidarity with Verizon strike!

♦ WWP presidential candidates say: Solidarity with anti-racist, pro-worker occupation of Duke University! Carry the struggle forward to victory!

♦ WWP salutes Chicago teachers strike

♦ Labor statement in support of the Moorehead-Lilly presidential/vice-presidential campaign

♦ WWP presidential campaign says: Smash HB2 and anti-LGBTQ, anti-worker attacks!

♦ Two sides of the Sanders campaign

♦ What the Miami Democratic debate revealed

♦ WWP presidential campaign stands with anti-Trump youth in Chicago

♦ Statement on Puerto Rico

♦ As capitalist Trump hits new low: People resist racism

♦ Black Lives Matter activist calls out Hillary Clinton

♦ Salute Black Lives Matter activists who disrupted Trump in Virginia! Racism can’t be voted away, it must be shut down!

♦ An open letter to Rep. John Lewis: Standing on the wrong side of history

♦ Why young people can’t rely on elections for real change

♦ Flint’s people deserve reparations!

♦ Stop deporting refugees! | Download the leaflet

♦ WWP candidates on San Bernadino shooting: ‘Imperialist wars breed racism, violence’ | Download the leaflet

♦ Solidarity with Native peoples!

♦ WWP candidates condemn shooting of Minneapolis Black Lives Matter activists

♦ WWP candidates stand with the ‘Fight for 15 and a union’ movement | Download the leaflet

♦ WWP candidates salute Missouri Black students

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