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2015 Conference Archive

Find here a compilation of videos and published talks from the 2015 Workers World Party National Conference – “Putting Socialist Revolution on the Table.” The conference was held November 7-8 at the Malcolm X and Dr. Betty Shabazz Memorial and Education Center in Harlem. To view videos, click on the thumbnails below.


Loan T – We win through struggle, unity, solidarity

Loan thumnail


(On the web | PDF)


Larry Holmes – What gives Black youth such courage?
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(On the web | PDF)



Deirdre Griswold – Socialist Revolution – Not a new idea

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(On the web | PDF)


Francisco Pena – The Cuban Revolution

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Pam Africa – Solidarity Greeting

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Monica Moorehead – Black Lives Matter upsurge needs broad solidarity 

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(On the web | PDF)


Sara Flounders – The working class needs a compass to fight imperialism

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(On the web | PDF)


Ramiro Funez/John Parker – Solidarity with Black Lives Matter and Migrants 

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Sharon Black – Baltimore struggle against police violence

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Kazem Azin – Iran’s sovereignty vs US/European imperialism 

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(On the web | PDF)


Berta Joubert-Ceci – We need socialism

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(On the web | PDF)


Joe Mcahwar – U.S. imperialism shows its flaws in Syria

(On the web | PDF)

Erica Mines – Philadelphia is Baltimore, Philadelphia is Ferguson, Philadelphia is Chicago and Detroit

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(On the web | PDF)


Tommy Cavanaugh – Leninist party needed to advance class struggle in Wisconsin

(On the web | PDF)

Lamont Lilly – Getting Workers World newspaper in the hands of the people

(On the web | PDF)

Fred Goldstein – Communists, elections, and revolution

(On the web | PDF)

Greg Butterfield – Class struggle rages in Donbass, Ukraine, and Moldova

(On the web | PDF)

Teresa Guttierez – Change is made in the streets

(On the web | PDF)

Martha Grevatt – Auto workers, solidarity, and socialism

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(On the web | PDF)


Phoebe Eckfeldt – Political Education

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Joe Piette – The Fort Dix 5

joe piette thumbnail




Scott Williams – WWP Presidential Campaign

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Boston School Bus Drivers

boston school bus

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