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Our candidates are talking about the real issues facing workers and oppressed people – and organizing for the real solutions. Revolutionary solutions. Join us in the struggle to demand:

Abolish Capitalism
Disarm the Police & ICE Agents
Fight for Socialist Revolution
Defend Black Lives Matter

Mass struggle, not elections, is the way forward. Read our full 10 point program

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Have you ever thought of joining a working-class party that fights capitalism?

The working class produces all the wealth, including technology, while the bosses produce nothing but poverty, suffering and inequality. The real power of the workers and the oppressed is in the streets, not in Washington, D.C., or Wall Street. Find out more about how you can join Workers World Party and find a branch near you.

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Are you ready to be a part of the fight for a world without poverty, war, police, racism and bigotry? Do you want build a society where the workers are in power and put the vast wealth we produce to use for the benefit of peoples’ needs, instead of lining the pockets of the super rich?

Our campaign isn’t like the campaigns of the Democrats and the Republicans — we’re a people power campaign that’s driven by people who want to build a workers world!

Fight for a socialist future with Workers World Party! Join WWP

Black Liberation and the Fight for Freedom – Discussion with Lamont Lilly

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