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Tribute to Leslie Feinberg

By December 14, 2014
Leslie Feinberg in 1992.Photo: Bill Hackwell

She brought ‘trans’ into labor’s vocabulary In 1895, the year that Frederick Engels died, a 25-year-old V.I. Lenin wrote a tribute as an introduction to the first Russian language edition of Engels’ works. He opened with two lines from Russian poetry: “What a torch of reason ceased to burn, What a heart has ceased to […]


Reflections on Ferguson

By December 11, 2014

Below are excerpts from an article by Lou DeJesus of Buffalo, N.Y., about her trip to St. Louis and Ferguson, Mo., on Oct. 11-12. This African-American activist traveled there to join the struggle for “Justice for Michael Brown,” killed by police on Aug. 9. The full article is at tinyurl.com/pvcsch9 We arrived in St. Louis […]


Unity against racism seen as protests grow

By December 10, 2014

On Dec. 8, protests in cities across the country against police killings of Black people entered the sixth consecutive day. Whether it was Tampa, Miami and ­Atlanta or Berkeley, Los Angeles, Sacramento and Seattle; Austin, Houston and Tucson or Minneapolis, Chicago, Boston, New York, Philadelphia and dozens of other cities — the U.S. rulers have […]


Garner injustice widens uprising

By December 9, 2014
Shutting down Verrazano Bridge in NYC, Dec. 8.

New York City, Dec. 8 — For millions, it was both horrifying and shocking news. But for other millions it was indeed horrifying but not unexpected. It was the announcement that white killer cop, Daniel Pantaleo, would not be indicted by a 24-member Staten Island, N.Y., grand jury for the July 17 videotaped, illegal-chokehold murder […]


Protests grow stronger, stop traffic across country

By December 8, 2014

Demonstrations expressing outrage over the police killings of Michael Brown and Eric Garner took place over the Dec. 6-7 weekend and into Dec. 9. The most frequent chants at most protests were “Black lives matter” and “I can’t breathe.” At the University of California, Berkeley, on Dec. 4, the California Black Student Union held a […]


Ferguson rebellion and history of resistance

Lamont LillyWW photo: Brenda Ryan

Taken from a talk given by Lamont Lilly at the Nov. 15-16 Workers World Party national conference.   In 1865, African captives were supposedly freed from the brutal bowels and vicious bondage of chattel slavery. In 2008, we were supposedly freed again when the term “post-racial” became a national trend. What our mainstream history books […]


Protests in U.S. grow bolder, larger after Garner injustice

By December 6, 2014

Black, Brown and — to a greater extent even than in earlier protests in solidarity with Ferguson — white youth came out in great numbers and took the streets behind African-American leadership after the announcement that no charges would be brought against any of the cops responsible for the death of Eric Garner on Staten […]


Rebellion is justified!

By December 2, 2014

Dec. 2 — The new movement protesting injustice, racism and police brutality in the United States has entered its second week with undaunted determination and militancy. African-American youth in the main and other youth of color have led this movement. People — especially young people from all communities — have taken part, accepting that leadership. […]


At Day of Mourning rally, ‘Resistance is our right’

By December 1, 2014
Mahtowin MunroWW photo: Liz Green

Speech by Mahtowin Munro, co-chair of United American Indians of New England, on Nov. 27 at the Day of Mourning in Plymouth, Mass. To see a video of her talk, go to youtu.be/oOd1rASb5s8 Greetings to the people from the Four Directions who are here today and listening elsewhere! We want to welcome all the Indigenous people who […]


Ferguson ruling ignites prairie fire of protest

By November 27, 2014
BostonWW photo: Liz Green

Solidarity and power of the people Nov. 26 — Fifty people were arrested last night in Boston for attempting to shut down Interstate 93. Several were arrested in Providence, R.I., for helping to shut down I-95. Ferguson activists have called for a nationwide walkout from schools and work on Dec. 1. The governing authorities in […]