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Jeralynn Blueford: ‘The community is grieving’

By October 16, 2014
Facebook photo of Alan Blueford, https://www.facebook.com/groups/355178837879562/

Oakland, Calif. — Two and a half years after the death of her son by the gun of Oakland Police Department officer Miguel Masso, Jeralynn Blueford and Adam Blueford are still struggling to make sense of this tragedy and find justice for their son, Alan Blueford. Workers World sat with Jeralynn Blueford on Oct. 7 […]


Bolivia, with its people, moves forward

By October 14, 2014
Evo Morales

It was the most amazing act to avenge the 1492 criminal invasion of the Americas by Christopher Columbus. That Oct. 12 landing led to the decimation and genocide of Indigenous nations and the colonization of millions of people. This Oct. 12, more than five centuries later, the country with the largest percentage of Native people […]


Finally, a racist killer is convicted

By October 11, 2014
Jordan Davis

Justice was finally served on Oct. 1 when a Florida jury convicted Michael Dunn of the first-degree murder of Jordan Davis, 17. The unarmed African-­American youth was fatally shot by Dunn in November 2012. Dunn, a white computer software developer, now faces a life term in prison with no possibility of parole. This was Dunn’s […]


The meaning of Ferguson

By September 27, 2014

Aug. 31 — Before recent days, who among us had ever heard of Ferguson, Missouri? Because of what happened there, the brief but intense experience of state repression, its name will be transmitted by millions of Black mouths to millions of Black ears, and it will become a watchword for resistance, like Watts, like Newark, […]


Scottish independence and the struggle against austerity

By September 23, 2014

Excerpts from a talk given by Caleb Maupin at a Workers World Forum in New York on Sept. 19. Until recent weeks the question of Scottish independence from the so-called United Kingdom seemed an abstract question. It was something that did not seem relevant in the ongoing struggle. A number of communists and socialists in […]


Walking while Black — U.S. society divided by racism

By September 8, 2014

The “crime” of walking while Black — and driving, shopping, sitting, standing and merely existing while Black — in the United States is often punishable by death.  This means death by police bullets from cops trained to shoot and kill. Control of and infringement on the right to freedom of movement is common.  Too often, […]


Detroit WWP hosts Marxist conference

By August 28, 2014

“Marxism: The Science Behind the Struggle” was the theme of a two-day educational conference Aug. 23-24 hosted by Detroit Workers World Party and FIST — Fight Imperialism, Stand Together, a revolutionary youth group. In addition to Detroit and metropolitan Detroit, participants came from the Chicago area, Wisconsin, Ohio and Virginia. Attendees were a multinational group […]


‘Young workers are key to fighting poverty wages’

By August 27, 2014
Tommy Cavanagh

Cavanaugh is a low-wage worker in Rockford, Ill., and a national leader of Fight Imperialism, Stand Together (FIST, fightimperialism.org). He delivered this talk at the Food Is a Right People’s Assembly in Chicago on Aug. 16. The life of a fast food worker is one of constant uncertainty, unrewarding work and sacrifices, poverty wages and […]


Solidarity actions support justice in Missouri

Tamara Brooks - SEIU Local 668.WW photo: Joseph Piette

Protests in solidarity with the people of Ferguson, Mo., in response to the police murder of African-American youth Michael Brown continued in cities across the U.S. for a second week. Demonstrators echoed common demands for an end to racism, for justice for all victims of police brutality, and for charges against Darren Wilson, the white […]


Outside the funeral, conversations about racist brutality

By August 26, 2014
WW photo: John Parker

Ferguson, Mo., Aug. 25 — Many thousands of people, the majority of them standing outside the Friendly Temple Missionary Baptist Church, gathered here in solidarity today to comfort the family of Michael Brown, who was fatally shot by a Ferguson police officer on Aug. 9. Brown’s mother and father, Lesley McSpadden and Michael Brown Sr., […]