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Milicias marchan en defensa de la Revolución Bolivariana

By April 16, 2014

“Cada 11 tiene su 13”. Bajo este lema se celebró el Día de la Dignidad Nacional y Día de la Milicia Bolivariana el pasado domingo, 13 de abril en Venezuela. El lema se refiere al golpe de estado que la oligarquía con asistencia de los EUA, llevó a cabo para remover al presidente Hugo Chávez […]


Oakland, Calif., students’ solidarity with Venezuela gov’t

By April 15, 2014

An educational meeting on Venezuela was held in Oakland, Calif., at Laney College on April 10.  The solidarity event was sponsored by the Bay Area Latin American Solidarity Coalition and in collaboration with the Associated Students of Laney College and the Brown Alliance of Students Taking Action. The film, “Viva Venezuela: Fighting for Socialism,” was […]


Lenin’s ‘Imperialism’ and the struggle vs the 1%

By April 9, 2014
Lamont Lilly & Monica Moorehead lead “What is a revolutionary” discussion on March 29.WW photo: Durham WWP branch

In commemoration of Lenin’s death 90 years ago. Excerpted from a talk given at the March 29, 2014, “Hard Times are Fighting Times” conference in Durham, N.C. Vladimir Lenin was the leader of the Bolshevik Party, which led the first successful socialist revolution in modern history. Out of this revolution was born the Union of […]


Seminar in Mexico: Fighting U.S. intervention takes front burner

By April 8, 2014
Ana Elisa Osorio, a leader of the Socialist Party, calls for solidarity with Venezuela’s government.WW photo: John Catalinotto

Some 260 leftist political activists from 39 countries, mostly in Latin America and the Caribbean but including people from around the world, gathered in Mexico City from March 27 to 29. They joined hundreds from the hosting Labor Party (Partido del Trabajo or PT) at its 18th International Seminar. Some 100 speakers, from a broad […]


President Nicolás Maduro of Venezuela calls for peace

By April 4, 2014
Nicolás Maduro

The following is an edited reprint from an opinion/editorial,“Venezuela: A call for peace,” that first appeared in the online edition of the New York Times on April 1.  Go to http://tinyurl.com/mkco5w9.   The recent protests in Venezuela have made international headlines. Much of the foreign media coverage has distorted the reality of my country and the facts […]


Defend Bolivarian Venezuela!

By March 26, 2014
WW photo: Gerry Scoppettuolo

Supporters of the Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela turned out for a rally in Boston on March 22. The event was organized by the Boston Bolivarians and supported by many groups and individuals, including the International Action Center; Antonie Castro, Polo Democratica Colombia; Sergio Reyes, Sacco-Vanzetti Commemoration Committee; Green-Rainbow Party; Answer Coalition; Vets for Peace; and […]


Protests in U.S. hit lies on Ukraine, Venezuela

By March 19, 2014
Buffalo, N.Y.

Confronting a barrage of pro-war propaganda, anti-war groups, low-wage workers and community activists are beginning to mobilize against U.S. war moves in Ukraine, while continuing to rally against Washington’s efforts to destabilize Venezuela’s Bolivarian government. The International Action Center called for anti-war actions across the U.S. in mid-March, including protests, speakouts, street corner leafleting and […]


Why Washington prefers coups over elections


What is the real attitude of the U.S. ruling class toward elections? Events in Ukraine — and elsewhere — show that the ruling billionaire establishment respects only those elections that are in sync with its drive to bring more and more areas of the world into its political orbit and under its economic sphere of […]


Solidaridad con Venezuela

By March 18, 2014

Por Colectivo de Workers World/Mundo Obrero El primer aniversario de la muerte del líder revolucionario de Venezuela, presidente Hugo Chávez el 5 de marzo, fue conmemorado por manifestaciones y protestas en varias ciudades de los Estados Unidos.  Activistas aprovecharon la oportunidad para denunciar los ataques que están respaldados por los Estados Unidos contra el gobierno […]


Venezuelan communists say ’You win peace by defeating fascism’

By March 6, 2014

Tribuna Popular, the newspaper of the Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV), reports on the party’s Feb. 24 news conference on the situation following an imperialist-backed coup attempt earlier in February. The report included a comment on a “peace dialog” convened by the government that same day to which all political forces were invited. Translated by […]